11 Prints You Couldn't Get Enough Of In The '90s

by Hayli Goode

Fashion from the '90s has basically burst its way back into stores. Along with crop tops and mom jeans, the wild patterns that were all over clothes in the '90s have made a triumphant return to our collective closets. Personally, I'm stoked that all those handmedowns from my mom and sister I never got rid of are back in style again.

Whether you find them popular again today, these patterns and prints were staples of the 1990s. If your top didn't have one of these prints, your pants most certainly did. And if your pants were plain (or, let's be honest, bleached) your blouse was likely a wonderful mess of brightly colored patterns. From Hawaiian to bandana to big, bold stripes, as soon as celebrities rocked the prints on your TV, you know you did too.

Let's take a walk down '90s memory lane with these prints, fabrics and outfits that were all over our clothes back then — and are certainly making their way back into our closets. Those celebs of our youth certainly knew how to mix and match all sorts of bold patterns while still looking radically stylish.

1. Hawaiian Prints

I know for a fact my dad still has plenty of Hawaiian button-ups hanging in his closet. And I also know I've seen a hipster or two walking around with a tropical shirt several times this week. Of course, none of them rocked it quite like Shawn Hunter.

2. Pattern Blocking

Because one pattern was not enough for one shirt, it was common in the '90s to not only color block like a box of Crayola's, but also pattern block. And it was easy. Just incorporate a few patterns into different areas of the shirt. Again, teens and tweens of the '90s knew how to mix and match.

3. Shiny Patterns

Plain, satiny colors just weren't enough, and Romy was the queen of shiny, patterned fabrics.

4. Oversized Designs

Much like large images of animals are popular on winter sweaters today, a large floral embellishment on a blouse was popular in the '90s — for all seasons.

5. Zebra Print

Tim Mosenfelder/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

While leopard has generally been the hottest animal print to rock, zebra had its time to shine back in the '90s.

6. Crushed Velvet

OK, it's not exactly a "pattern," but the way that crushed velvet hit the light you'd swear it was multicolored.

7. Bandana Print

If your shirt wasn't a bandana itself, or you weren't wearing it to hold back your poofy bangs, in the '90s it was a print added to your shorts, your shirt, or anything else you desired.

8. Non-Green Camo

It's amazing how Kat managed to still look tough in colored camo. But in the '90s, it was the brighter the camo, the better.

9. Denim Floral

The plain chambray shirt hanging in my closet suddenly looks so boring.

10. Bright Stripes

Since '90s teens didn't have to worry about mixing and not matching, any color combination would work. But I'm particularly partial to Will's shades of green.

11. Bright Asymmetrical Stripes

A subtle but important distinction from the stripes above. The key to the asymmetrical striped shirts was the thin line of black strips mixed in rotation with the bright colors. It made the shirt look more eccentric, and I was all about it.

Images: Boy Meets World; Full House; Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion; Friends (2); Saved By The Bell; 10 Things I Hate About You; She's All That; The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air; Never Been Kissed