17 Pampering Products Tea Lovers Will Adore — PHOTOS

There are few more comforting ways to begin or end a day than with a hot cup of tea. In the last couple of years, this delicious beverage has been having a major moment, and the growing number of known health benefits of tea are making tea-based beauty products more and more desirable. I know I personally couldn't get through my day without a steaming cup of chai or a mug of earl grey, and now, thanks to the ever-growing selection of beauty products that make use of this beloved ingredient, I can find even more ways to add tea to my daily routine.

There are so many varieties of tea available now — black, green, white, rooibos, herbal — and each kind has its own special health benefits. So, if you've grown to love drinking tea for the boost of energy it gives you, or for the fragrant grace-note it adds to your day, consider pampering yourself with one of the many fabulous products that make all of these perks available as whole-body treatments.

From perfumes to cleansers to creams, there's a tea-based product out there for every imaginable skin and beauty need, many with additional natural ingredients to give you added benefits. Whether you're looking to turn your bath into a tea-scented extravaganza, or you want to add the powerful antioxidants of tea to your skincare regimen, I've collected some of the freshest products available that can bring the joys of tea into your life in unexpected new ways.

1. Lip Balm

Earl Grey Lip Balm, $3.79, Hurraw!

This soothing lip balm's classic bergamot scent will have you beaming with happiness. You'll feel even better knowing that all the ingredients are vegan, non-GMO, and not tested on animals.

2. Perfume Oil

Earl Grey Chamomile Perfume Oil, $14, Ripe

Bring the pleasures of tea with you anywhere you go with this purse-friendly roll-on perfume oil. Rub it on your pulse points whenever you need a refreshing lift.

3. Massage Bar

Herbal Green Tea Exfoliating Massage Bar, $7, San Francisco Soap Company

Take your tea in the shower with this green tea treatment that will leave your skin soft and your body relaxed and renewed. With green tea leaves to exfoliate and herbal tea extracts to soothe, you'll enjoy all the benefits of your favorite beverage from head to toe.

4. Soap

Chai Tea Soap, $6.95, Rinse Bath and Body Co.

Add a little spice to your bath time routine with the rich, warming scent of chai. This handmade soap is chock-full of moisturizing natural oils and an added dose of vanilla for an ultra-comforting experience.

5. Sheet Mask

Missha Pure Source Green Tea Mask, $6.90, Sunnanz

Try out a Korean beauty trend with this green tea sheet mask. Get all the moisturizing and brightening benefits of a traditional face mask, without the mess.

6. Hand Cream

Rooibos De Provence Tea Infused Hand Cream, $10, DavidsTea

Nurture hardworking hands with an organic treatment full of natural butters and antioxidant-rich extracts. If you want to try the tea trend but aren't a fan of black or green varieties, this fruity rooibos concoction might be just right for you.

7. Face Cream

Green Tea Moisturizer, $48, U rban Oreganics

Customize your skincare experience with this luxe green tea moisturizer from the Portland-based company Urban Oreganics. With different scent and sunscreen options, you can tailor it to your personal preferences to get the face cream of your dreams.

8. Bath Bomb

Earl Grey Bath Bomb, $4.50, The City Wilds

If you've ever fantasized about taking a bath in your favorite cup of tea, now you can make your dreams a reality. This earl grey bath bomb will turn your tub into the ultimate tea experience, so that you can enjoy the benefits of this magical substance as a full-body treat.

9. Cleansing Oil

Green Tea Moisture Cleansing Oil, $21, Innisfree

Love the skin you're in with a gentle cleansing oil full of green tea's brightening benefits. If you find that lathering cleansers dry out your skin, then you'll enjoy the way this one removes even the toughest makeup (looking at you, waterproof mascara) without drying or irritating.

10. Serum

Herbal Balancing Serum with Imortelle + Green Tea, $35, Apoterra Skincare

If, like me, you have combination skin that turns alternately dry and tight, then oily and acne-prone, this natural serum can help you balance your complexion for happier, healthier skin. Extracts of green tea and imortelle join a host of herbal oils to heal even the most stubborn flare-up.

11. Shampoo

Black Tea Nourishing Shampoo, $44, Zenology

Don't let your skin have all the fun; this black tea shampoo will nourish your tresses for added bounce and shine. Before you know it, you'll be adding the goodness of tea to every part of your beauty routine.

12. Toner

Rooibos Facial Toner $34, Jacqueline Evans

Freshen up with a facial toner that utilizes tea's antioxidant goodness to refresh even the most sensitive skin. Rose, geranium, and aloe extracts bolster rooibos tea for a naturally soothing winner.

13. Shower Gel

Mint Tea Shower Gel, $19.50, Korres

Turn your shower into a mini spa treatment with a hydrating shower gel full of bright, zingy mint to help you wake up on those mornings when Friday still seems ages away. Once you've tried this energetic herbal cleanser, you'll feel refreshed and ready to take on the world.

14. Body Butter

White Tea Body Butter, $20, Cream Blends

For a positively decadent experience, this super-rich body butter has a fresh, unisex scent that will leave you feeling wildly pampered. Say goodbye to winter dryness and welcome spring with soft, nourished skin.

15. Powder Cleanser

Black Tea and Raw Cocoa Cleansing Grains, $24, Pretty Cosmetics

Try a new kind of cleanser with powdery oatmeal and clay to gently exfoliate and leave your face feeling radiant. Black tea blends with spearmint and orange essential oils for a sparkling scent.

16. Body Scrub

Moroccan Tea Body Scrub, $15, & Other Stories

This scrub will make your skin feel ridiculously smooth, and leave it scented with a blend of mint and sweet, spicy tea. Massage the rich blend of sugar and oils over your whole body and enjoy the blissfully silky results.

17. Cleansing Wipes

Green Tea and Aloe Vera Cleansing Wipes, $4.69, AA Skincare

While washing your face before bed is an important part of a skincare program, some nights you're probably too tired to bother with a full cleansing routine. That's when these easy green tea cleansing wipes come in handy, removing makeup and impurities so you can get under the covers sooner, without the fear of waking up to a smeared mascara mess.

Whether you love green, white, black, or herbal teas, you'll find a beauty product that brings the benefits of this wonderful ingredient to your daily routine. Tea: It's not just for drinking anymore.

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