Kim Kardashian Threw Some Sisterly Style Shade At Khloe, & It Was Kind Of Precious

Since her Twitter call-out over her nude selfie, there's been no doubt in my mind that Kim Kardashian can throw shade. I just never expected to hear that Kim Kardashian tweeted Khloé Kardashian to poke fun at her, too. Although it was undoubtedly all in jest, I can't help but adore the new side of her persona that Kim K has been showing on social media: One that isn't afraid to joke around and stand up for herself.

On Apr. 16, Khloé posted a workout selfie (does she post any other kind of selfies these days?) with Kardashian family friend Malika Haqq. Although the Instagram post of the selfie congratulated Haqq on working out so hard that she threw up, the Twitter version was captioned, "That's my best friend!!! That's my best friend!!!"

The fact that they're besties isn't particularly surprising, considering Haqq is often on Keeping Up With The Kardashians alongside Khloé as her BFF, not just a family friend. Plus, the two are striking a similar pose, making the "best friend" quote even more fitting.

So what did Kim K have to say about all of this? "Well I will be an even better friend and tell you to get rid of those horrendous pants!" Considering the fluorescent pattern on Khloé's workout leggings compared to the neutrals and minimalism Kim is known for, it makes sense that big sis wouldn't be the biggest fan of Khloé's look. Personally, I view the whole thing as a precious demonstration of the realities of sisterhood: Disliking each other's sartorial options is just part of being family.

As for me, I love the vibrancy of Khloé's workout wear. It reflects the happiness that working out brings her — something she has been openly proclaiming throughout the past year. The leggings are also reminiscent of the '80s, which — fingers crossed — will be the next decade to return into our sartorial lives.

That said, Khloé's gym wardrobe isn't usually this fun and colorful. That's probably why Kim felt the need to point out how "horrendous" she found her sister's leggings. After all, all-black everything is probably more conventionally chic than neon pink.

As for right now, I'm just waiting for Khloé's witty reply. She is often known for being the funny and blunt sister. So whatever comeback she comes up with to throw shade at her older sister, it's bound to be comedy gold. Maybe she can mock Kim's questionable early '00s outfits, or simply defend her own unique style that strays away from the monochrome mould.

Either way, I can't wait for more sisterly shade (isn't that the best kind?) from Kim K on Twitter, and more happy workout selfies from Khloé, too.

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