Have Landon & Shep Dated On 'Southen Charm'? These Reality TV Besties Seem To Be Just Pals

Three seasons in, the cast of Southern Charm is working out their respective roles on the show — Thomas and Kathryn are the drama, Cameran is the Greek chorus, Whitney is the lout, and Shep is the lovable doofus who always lands on his feet. Shep’s reputation for being a bit of a playboy is well known throughout Charleston, but I can’t help but hope that he could settle down… maybe with someone like Landon Clements, the cast member he helped bring on in Season 2? They were good friends in college, but have Landon and Shep ever dated on Southern Charm ?

Seriously, these two are the non-couple that I ‘ship the most on Southern Charm. I don’t need the baby mama drama of Kathryn and Thomas on my screen. I just want to see Landon and Shep realize that they’re meant for each other, fall madly in love, and move out to some home somewhere to live happily ever after. Is that so hard to ask? From the way that Landon and Shep talk about each other on screen, it seems like these two are firmly in the friend camp on Southern Charm. I get it — we all need our friends… but a lot of love comes from friendship, right? Even though Shep told Bustle last year that he wasn’t at all on the marriage track, I’m still not giving up on these two.

While Shep and Landon are not exactly running for the altar, I thought it would be funny to take a look at some potential relationships on Southern Charm. Maybe another one of these could work out.

Landon & Thomas

This is already a “thing” in Season 3 because, I don’t know, Landon helped Thomas pick out some colors or furniture for his new house, and Kathryn hit the fan about it. Landon is literally an interior designer by trade, so I’m sure that Thomas was just asking for her expert help. Kathryn needs to chillax. Anyway, would a relationship between Thomas and Landon work? I don’t think so. Landon has talked extensively on the show about how abandoned she felt during her marriage to an older man, and I think that Thomas would try to lock her up in her ivory tower like he did to Kathryn. Landon wouldn’t stand for Thomas’ old-fashioned ways (remember when he was confounded that Kathryn couldn’t take care of a newborn and a mansion and have dinner on the table at 5?). This one is a no-go.

Landon & Whitney

Phew, this one would be interesting, would it not? I know that Landon and Kathryn aren’t exactly the best of friends, but if I were Landon, the way that Whitney talks about Kathryn would turn me off. Why? He says some truly awful things about Kathryn, so who is to say that he wouldn’t eventually turn on Landon and say some really mean things? Not to mention his relationship with his mother — can we say codependent? I’m not a fan at all of the slut shame-y vibes that Whitney and Patricia give off, so Landon should totally avoid this at all costs.

Landon & Craig

So I know that Craig’s part of a couple now, and he’s happy and it’s great, but let’s remove that for a second and picture Landon as the other half of that happy couple. It’s not bad, right? Craig and Landon have a lot in common — they both struggled through some hard times, and they both came out of the other end with a newfound sense of self and purpose. If Craig weren’t otherwise taken, I would say he and Landon could have a great shot.

Since Charleston (or at least Southern Charm) seems low on options, I vote she and Shep give it a go!

Images: Charles Sykes/Bravo (4)