Beyonce's 'Lemonade' Clips Could Be Music Videos From Her New Album

I should've learned by now never to question the goddess that is Queen Bey, because she has her own plans and she takes care of me always, but I'm wondering — are these Lemonade clips previews of the music videos from Beyoncé's new album? Truly, I would love to be the kind of person who waits patiently for new Beyoncé projects to drop into my politely cupped hands, but that just isn't me. I don't know if it's because she's proven she can keep a secret like nobody's business, or just because I'm so desperate for new material from her that I'll scrabble my way around the whole Internet looking for clues about what it might be and when it might be coming and WHY WHY WHY I don't have it yet.

When Beyoncé released that tiny snippet of a video with her braided head down against a car, giving us only the text LEMONADE and teasing an Apr. 23 event on HBO, I was floored. So my question is, first of all why do you do this to us, Beyoncé, why do you tantalize us so? And then my second question is, this clip is a preview for the next clutch of music videos that our girl is gonna drop, right?

When she started releasing clips before the Super Bowl, they all turned out to be promoting not the actual performance, like we would've assumed, but the video for "Formation." So while many have speculated that the clips are for some kind of documentary or movie that will be premiering on HBO, I'm sticking to the less likely version of events, which is that she releases her full album via the channel. Or even that she super-secret-like releases it on Tidal while we're all pointing our faces at the television. That's the way with Beyoncé; she always does the unexpected thing.

She leaves it to other artists to do the normal thing, like promoting one thing at a time in the lead-up to its release, but that's not the Beyoncé we know and love. Her brain works harder than that, and she's had two and a half years since the release of Beyoncé in December 2013 to dream up, record, and shoot new material. Let's not undercut her abilities. I feel like you're just sitting there thinking there's no way she could've pulled off a full album of music videos and an HBO special without us catching wise to either of them, but a) have you learned nothing from this kween?, and b) look how different the styles of all the little clips within this one teaser are. This theory honestly writes itself.

So I hear all your guesses, and I respect them, but I'm gonna stick with mine, thank you very much. This woman may have the same amount of hours in the day as we do, but she uses them way better, and I know — I just know — she has a new album of music videos awaiting us. Although I don't know why any of us even bother speculating, because whatever these Lemonade clips turn out to be, it'll be something we never even saw coming.

Image: radar-watch/Tumblr