Who Is Ariana Grande's "Let Me Love You" About? Her Love Life Is Rife With Speculation

When listening to "Let Me Love You," Ariana Grande's single featuring Lil Wayne from her album Dangerous Woman, one may begin to have inexplicable feelings. Your body may freeze, paralyzed, like an insect stuck in a spiders web. Suddenly, all you will want to do is lie in your bed, waiting for Grande to come to your home and love you in whatever way she chooses. But this single isn't about you or I, so don't you worry about the weird longing you find yourself feeling. Of course, that begs the more important question of, well, who is "Let Me Love You" about?

My money is on Ricky Alvarez, her current boyfriend, backup dancer, and co-conspirator in "donut-gate." Before Alvarez and Grande started being connected in the public eye, the pop star was dating rapper Big Sean in a very public way. The relationship lasted for eight glorious months of power coupledom, but then, just like that, it ended in April 2015 not with a "bang bang" but a whimper. A rep told US Weekly that the ex-couple "both care deeply for each other and remain close friends." Shortly thereafter, in June, the girl smooched her backup dancer, Ricky Alvarez at a pride parade. Then, in July, during donut-gate, with the donut-lick that was heard around the world, she kissed him again.


In fact, even after the breakup, Grande didn't seem too, you know, broken up. She said in an interview with the creator of Scream Queens, Ryan Murphy for V Magazine that she wasn't super devastated because she's "good at making the best out of something. It also wasn't that hard for me, because we were friends. So it's chill."

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In the song "Let Me Love You", the protagonist has also just broken up with an ex, and isn't too broken up about it because she's on to the next. So, it stands to reason that this song is a love letter to her next boy, and a goodbye to her ex-boy.

Honestly what 22-year-old hasn't done some serious relationship hopping? She's young, she's in control, and she can do what she wants with who she wants. Keep it up, Grande. And feel free to write awesome songs about it too, because #YOLO.

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