Shop Taylor Swift's Apple Music Ad Slip Dress

by Sienna Fantozzi

Because she can literally do no wrong, Taylor Swift released a new Apple Music ad, according to E! Online, and it's going to take you way back to middle school. Like, she's totally channeling her inner-emo side and it's perfect. So if you want to rock out like T-Swift, I've got several options to help you shop her Apple Music ad look. Cue all the nostalgia.

If her treadmill Apple ad wasn't great enough, Swiftie is at it again, releasing another ad for Apple that's somehow even better than the first one. Trust me — this video was all of us at one point. Taylor navigates to a "Getting Ready To Go Out" playlist, before settling on the song that we all rocked out to in the bathroom at one point during our junior high days — "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World. Yes, you were emo. Just embrace it. Taylor does.

The singer gets ready for her night out by dancing around her bathroom and getting her rock on, and as endearingly adorable as the whole thing is, I'm just kind of wondering — where can I buy that sweet black slip dress? Slip dresses are all the rage right now, taking us even further back to the '90s, and they totally look better when you're jamming hard around your bathroom. Just saying.

Get it, girl.

If you want to steal Taylor Swift's black slip dress, here are a few options to shop.

1. Taylor's Exact Dress

Paloma Dress, $128,

I'm almost positive Taylor is wearing this Reformation dress in the video. I mean, they looks exactly alike, and she loves the brand.

2. Mini

Cece Dress, $98,

If midi dresses aren't your thing, try a mini version.

3. Maxi

Savannah Dress, $218,

Want to cover up more? Go for a maxi.

4. Fitted

Alister Dress, $98,

It's the same silhouette, just a little more fitted.

5. Cheaper

Slip Dress, $45.29,

If you want to spend less, this version will get the same job done for less than half the price.

6. Slit

Plus Size Slit Dress, $21.95,

You're going out. You might as well add a slit.

7. Trapeze

Cami Dress, $150,

For a different hemline, try a trapeze dress.

Images: YouTube; Madewell; Deb Shops; ASOS; Reformation