Clues About Luke & Lorelai In The 'GG' Revival

With more news being released on the daily about the Gilmore Girls revival, I’ll admit it: I’m starting to get a bit overwhelmed. I’m dreaming about articles, vaguely remembering interviews, and finding that, when I close my eyes, behind-the-scenes tweets dance through my mind. Because there is a lot of information out there on the Gilmore Girls revival. And everyone’s favorite topic to muse on — aside from what Rory Gilmore is up to these days — is the status of Luke and Lorelai’s relationship in the revival. There are so many theories, so much speculation, that it’s bound to be overwhelming to even the most devoted fans.

So I decided to streamline this process of obsessing about all things Gilmore Girls leading up the revival. Instead of searching aimlessly for new information every single day, I’ve decided to compile a list of every Luke and Lorelai clue that we know about the Gilmore Girls revival. Thankfully, for those of us who love Luke and Lorelai almost as much as Luke loves Lorelai, there are plenty of clues out there about where these two stand in the Gilmore Girls revival.

Put away your conspiracy theories and your spoiler alerts, fans. These are all of the clues that we know about Luke and Lorelai’s current status in the Gilmore Girls reboot.

1. They’re Definitely On Friendly Terms

In the publicity shots from the Gilmore Girls revival that Entertainment Weekly released, it looks like all is well between Luke and Lorelai. While some of us were sitting around wondering if they would even be speaking in the revival (you never with those two), this one picture of the two of them holding hands seemed to confirm all of our hopes and dreams about their romantic prospects.

2. They May Be Living Together

When this photo of Lorelai’s driveway was posted on Twitter, fans everywhere went crazy. That’s Luke and Lorelai’s cars in Lorelai’s driveway. And even though this picture could just mean that they were at her house together (something that happened often throughout the seasons), it has a lot of people theorizing that they are living together in the revival.

3. They Might Be Engaged

OK, here is where things get juicy. In the recent article in Entertainment Weekly , the writer who conducted extensive interviews of the main cast members referred to Luke Danes as Lorelai’s fiancé. Here’s a juicy bit of that article where the f-bomb was dropped: "I struggled with it at first. I remember looking at our dialogue coach and going, 'I don't know if I can pull it off',' recalls Scott Peterson, who plays Lorelai's fiancé and chief caffeine enabler, Luke Danes.” NBD, Entertainment Weekly. You just dropped the biggest spoiler ever.

4. They’re Definitely Not Married

They may be engaged, but TV Line confirmed exclusively that Luke and Lorelai are definitely not married when the revival starts. But that’s not saying they’re not married when the revival ends…

5. Which Means The Rumored Wedding Could Definitely Be Theirs

When the picture of a prop on the Gilmore Girls set was posted to Instagram with the label “Wedding,” the Gilmore Girls-loving section of the Internet basically imploded with joy. Whose wedding would it be became the question everyone was asking. And with Luke and Lorelai basically confirmed to be engaged when the revival starts, it seems even more possible that the wedding could be theirs.

6. The Final Episode Could Mean Big Things For Their Relationship

Seeing Luke’s truck with snow on it might not necessarily strike an obvious chord, but considering that Lorelai loves snow — and that grand romantic gestures always seemed to happen between them when it snowed — I think this picture of Luke’s truck covered in the stuff might mean big things for their relationship in the final episode. A wedding would be nice, sure, but it could be something more subdued and sweet.

7. Lorelai’s Final Costume Might Have Something To Do With Their Relationship

During Entertainment Weekly’s radio interview with Amy Sherman-Palladino, the writer and director spilled some serious dirt that may mean big things for Luke and Lorelai’s relationship. Sherman-Palladino revealed that she forced Lauren Graham to read the final script of the series because her character will be wearing a very, very important costume. Listen, it could be a Halloween costume or something lame like that, but we all know that the only costume that matters in this Gilmore Girls revival is whatever dress Lorelai wears to marry Luke. If that doesn’t become a reality in the revival, I will legit protest.

With all of these clues, is it any wonder that fans are starting to dream about the day when the revival premieres? Whatever happens for these two characters in the revival, I have a feeling it’s going to be big.

Image: Netflix; Warner Bros. Pictures; Giphy (3)