'Saturday Night Live' Books Jim Parsons & Beck for Its Geeky Return in March

Things are about to get geeky as all get-out when Saturday Night Live returns to NBC from its winter hiatus. The network announced via Twitter on Thursday that The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons will tackle SNL hosting duties for the first time, while singer/songwriter Beck will make lucky seventh appearance on the show as musical guest.

What is most shocking about this geeked-out line-up is just how long it's taken Parsons to land on the show. His CBS series The Big Bang Theory is the most popular shows on television — raking in enough viewers to garner it an impressive 8th season pick-up by the network — and Parsons has won two Emmy Awards for his work as Sheldon Cooper.

Though it will be Parsons' inaugural appearance on the series — ensuring many a virgin joke in our future (between this and Cooper, I mean: c'mon; they write themselves) — Beck is no stranger to Studio 8H. In his past, he's saddled up alongside hosts Kevin Spacey, Bill Paxton, Christina Ricci, Jennifer Garner, Tom Brady, and Dr. House himself, Hugh Laurie. Additionally, he's made two cameos on the show outside of his musical stylings: once in a sketch about medicinal marijuana, and another time in a parody of VH1's Behind the Music about popular 70s cartoon characters Fat Albert & the Junkyard Gang.

[You can all insert your own bazinga joke here.]

Image: Getty Images