What Your Favorite Dog Breed Says About You

Do you remember that scene in the very beginning of 101 Dalmatians? The one where Pongo is staring out the window and into the street? He's looking at different dog owners, and the animation makes most of them resemble their dogs. Well, I tend to think in the same way. Pet owners, especially dog owners, end up choosing their companions based off of their compatibility — and after some passage of time, both dogs and pet owners start to look and behave like each other. So what does your dog say about you?

Obviously this is not and end-all-be-all list. You don't have to physically resemble your pet, but sometimes you can. I know that I look a lot like my Springer Spaniel dog that I grew up with, and I also behaved a lot like her. That bond between us was really strong. I am not afraid to admit that I loved her a little too much. I keep looking for that same spark every time I start looking to adopt a dog. On the other hand, my cousin's dog is basically him in a nutshell — minus the looks. It goes both ways, people.

With each pet, comes a new personality. At different stages in life, a different type of dog can really be a reflection of where you are emotionally. You can start off with a easy going puppy and end up with a strong-headed bear dog. Either way you and your pet will be bonding over a long period of time. Maybe by the end you'll start to look like each other, after all. Here are some of the dogs and what they say about you!

1. Labrador Retriever

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You are most likely a very friendly person. You enjoy other people's company and really like to be surrounded by friends and family. The outdoors are no problem for you — hikes and walks are a favorite pastime. You also don't shy away from being at home. People trust you around babies and small children for both entertainment and authority.

2. German Shepard


You can get a little intense when you're bored. You love learning new things and having a purpose in life. You can be super protective of your close ones and if someone comes at you, you have no problem stepping up and asserting yourself.

3. Poodle

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You are sophisticated and intelligent. You are one classy individual! People treat you with respect because you are always on point. You tend to be very put together, even if secretly all you want to do is roll around and eat Oreos all day. Lucky for us, you also tend to have a big heart.

4. Spaniel


You are light spirited and often can be found outdoors. If there is a task that needs to be done by the end of the day, you will get it done with flying colors. You are versatile — some days you can be a loner and other days all you want is company. You also have very kind eyes.

5. Dachshund

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You are the proof that some of the best things in the world come in small packages. Swimming and running are not your favorite, but you're game if the rest of the squad is because you roll with the punches. If you were an actor, you would be a character actor!

6. Bulldog


Some people think that you are intimidating, but truly, you're a softy on the inside. Instead of being outside or on your own, you just want to be surrounded by your loved ones. Kids are in your wheelhouse. Curling up into a ball by a fire is your idea of a perfect weekend.

7. Chihuahua

You can get scrappy. People often step to you because you seem harmless, but you can really hold your own. You love proving people wrong when they underestimate you. Also — if people can't find you, most likely you will be at the closest party busting a move.

8. Rottweiler


You are a rule follower. When people are telling you to start a project or complete a task, you like having a strong leader there by your side. People can count on you. People respect you and your work ethic. You can really hulk out if someone crosses you, but overall, you just want to work on things and get stuff done.

9. St. Bernard


You are the queen of bear hugs. People rely on you for comfort and call on you in times of need. You have something about you that just makes people trust you right off the bat. You also have very sophisticated tastes —you know your way around an aged bourbon, and you've had your wallpapers picked out since age five.

10. Dalmatian

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You are not afraid of standing out. Your clothes are center of attention a lot of the time, and your fashion advice is highly sought. You have a reputation, but have been known to really defy expectations. The only thing that you need to work on is listening to others.

11. Siberian Husky


Forget needing someone's help to change a tire or fixing things around the house — you got it on your own. Unlike your city friends, you love being away from society and in nature. A log cabin and snow-covered mountains are your idea of a perfect vacation.

12. Greyhound

You are no stranger to exercise. A morning run is just what you need to feel like yourself. Rain or shine, no matter the competition, you seem to outpace them with flying colors. In high school you were the captain of at least three different sports teams and were voted "most likely to win an Olympic medal".

13. Pug

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Like Hermione Granger, the library is your second home. You'll pick a nice cardigan over a little black dress any day of the week. Your ideal job involves being surrounded by books and possibly self publishing you own novel in the future. You are book smart, but sometimes get flustered in social situations.

14. Great Dane


You're basically a cartoon superhero brought to life. You can deadlift twice your body weight without a sliver of effort. When you were growing up all you wanted to be was a a firefighter or a police officer. The hardest day of your life was choosing which one to narrow in on. If anyone is in trouble, you are their first phone call.

15. Australian Shepard


Taking care of people is in your blood. You are no stranger to kids and have been known to be a great last-minute babysitter. You have very high levels of energy throughout the day, and many have called you extremely energetic. In your group of friends, you are always tasks with taking care of anyone who gets sick.

16. Corgi

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You are enrolled in three different improv classes and are doing standup comedy on the side. Your social media presence game is on point and if you had your way you would already have a sports drink sponsorship. You're the life of the party, the next person to introduce to your friends and an endless source of support.

17. Chow Chow

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Who needs Yelp when they have you! Your taste in food and local restaurants is unbeatable. You're a local at at least six bars and there is a sandwich shop by your house that has a signature breakfast sandwich named after you.

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