'Scandal' Returns In Two Weeks, So ABC Teased It With A Straight-Up FanVid Of Olitz And Jake

Scandal's not back for another two weeks, which is terrible for all of humanity. In the meantime, though, ABC's hyping the return of Scandal with overwrought romantic fanvids? It would seem so. And, well, it actually kind of fits?

The video focuses around the show's main love triangle, between Fitz, Jake, and, of course, Olivia Pope. Of course, the video also owes some big apologies to Mellie Grant, who is left out completely despite being arguably the most compelling corner of what is actually a love square.

Regardless, this video's all melodramatic romance, accompanied by John Legend's "All Of You," and I cheered when Jake entered the picture about halfway through, because...well, Fitz and Olivia together is kind of the worst these days, considering how unhealthily co-dependent they are and how poorly they treat virtually everyone in their lives (including each other and themselves) when it comes to their relationship.

This video does serve, however, as a good reminder of all they've gone through throughout the seasons, from that "YOU OWN ME," to the dream house, to Jake's declaration of love for Olivia.

Of course, we should all mind that this Legend song does include the lyrics "even when you're crying you're beautiful, too" and "you're my downfall." Because Olivia and Fitz may be epic and literarily romantic, but who actually wants the bulk of their relationship to be defined by destruction and tears?


Image: ABC