Milo Ventimiglia Hints At The 'Gilmore Girls' Wedding & It Could Be A Big Jess Clue — PHOTO

Ever since an ominous prop piece loomed over us on Instagram, fans have been hard at work trying to figure out who's getting married in the Gilmore Girls revival. While the safe pick would suggest longtime lovers Lorelai and Luke are finally making it legal, it really could be anyone's game. It could be Kirk and Lulu, Dean and Miss Patti, Logan could be getting married to some not-Rory socialite for all we know. But Milo Ventimiglia gave a hint about the Gilmore Girls wedding (potentially) when he posted a selfie of Scott G. Patterson and Sean Gunn (Luke and Kirk) decked out in their Sunday best... and him in a t-shirt. What's going on?

OK, to be fair, Luke and Kirk are in white button-ups with Luke donning suspenders, so "Sunday best" is an inaccurate word to describe their dress code. I'm mostly coming from the perspective that Luke's idea of business casual has always been a flannel and a backwards cap. But if we can follow this train of thought and assume that the two are wedding-ready, then why isn't Jess dressed up? Is Ventimiglia not actually involved in this scene or... is Jess not? The mind boggles.

Consider the following: if we are to take this photo as a prelude to a wedding, it is safe to bet that Luke is, in fact, the groom here. Luke and Lorelai getting married is a quick excuse to bring together literally every Stars Hollow resident and Gilmore Girls side character imaginable, it's just an easy play. And it definitely wouldn't be absurd to think that Luke's nephew would be a part of the wedding, if not in the immediate bridal party (how fun for Rory!) than as a guest. But maybe Ventimiglia's plainclothes look here suggest that Jess wasn't originally invited to the wedding (unlikely) or wasn't originally planning on coming to the wedding (more likely). Jess was showing signs of significant growth last time we checked in on him, so I'd like to think he and Luke have developed some angst-induced rift. Perhaps Jess is still stung about Rory rejecting him for Logan all those years back and initially passed on going.

It might not be that emotionally wrought, though. Jess may just be too cool for a tuxedo, having passed on the dress code for his own mother's wedding. Then again, Liz was hosting a Renaissance-themed affair, so you can't be upset that he passed up the tunic and tights look. Another possibility is that Ventimiglia simply isn't in costume yet, and he's going to be a regular part of the wedding after all. Womp, womp.


The only other daunting thing about this Ventimiglia's post is in the caption. Ventimiglia writes, "Hello from the past, wait present, no you'll see us in the future." So is he insinuating the this scene could actually be in the past, and therefore, the entire highly-anticipated Gilmore Girls wedding could simply be a short flashback? It actually would make sense if Luke and Lorelai got married, I don't know, prior to this revival in the gigantic decade long gap between the show ending to now.

Ugh, that Jess Mariano is so infuriating, playing with our minds and our Gilmore Girl-loving hearts. For now let's just be psyched that our favorite Stars Hollow bad boy is returning home, and we'll consider the formalwear an added bonus.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy