'GoT' Season 6 Spoilers From The Books

Last season, Game Of Thrones did something unheard of in the genre of book adaptations — it potentially spoiled the yet to be released books. It’s rare that film or television adaptations give story details ahead of a book series’ final publications. But, we reached that point during Season 5 of Game Of Thrones when nearly all of the television characters caught up with their literary counterparts, or surpassed them. With so much of the books already revealed on the show, are there even any book spoilers left for Game Of Thrones Season 6?

Game Of Thrones fans faced a doozy of a cliffhanger last season that left them needing answers for the rest of the year. I don’t think anyone has stopped talking about Jon Snow since the summer finale. While many of the most titillating cliffhangers caught up to the books — or had strayed far from the books — the upcoming Season 6 premiere, on Sunday April 24, may be the most anticipated one yet. And, there are still some ways the Song of Ice and Fire books could spoil the show. Here are all of the book plots that could still be revealed on Game of Thrones Season 6. [So, obviously, spoilers ahead.]

Myrcella May Not Be Dead

While the attempt on Myrcella’s life went down completely differently in the books, she did survive the attack, although she was left disfigured. But, I wouldn’t count on seeing Myrcella alive next season just yet, the HBO incarnation has killed off plenty of characters who survived in the book series.

Catelyn Stark Could Come Back From The Dead

In the books, Catelyn’s murder at the Red Wedding is not the end for her. She resurrects as Lady Stoneheart, though her demeanor and appearance are different. She is sort of a zombie version of her former self, who is out for revenge.

Arya May Regain Her Sight

I’ve previously discussed on Bustle how Arya lost her vision as part of her training in The House of Black and White, but she later regained her sight in the books. Though, being blind didn’t slow the young assassin in training down one bit, so Arya should have a pretty intense season ahead.

Mace Tyrell May Be On His Way

During filming, fans were snapping photos of a mob organizing under Tyrell banners during the filming of the upcoming season. So, something big could be brewing for House Tyrell. In the book series, Margaery and Loras’ father, Mace, gathers his army and refuses to retreat until his daughter is freed and acquitted.

Who Knows What The Heck Knows What Will Happen To Sansa and Theon?

Sansa is pretty far off course from where she is in the book series. In the Song of Ice and Fire series, Sansa never marries Ramsay — Jeyne Poole posing as Arya does. While the book and the HBO show have really diverged with Sansa’s story, one part holds true, Brienne of Tarth is searching for Sansa. I find it interesting that these stories were combined in such a way, because in the books Reek ends up as a servant to Stannis Baratheon. In the yet to be released Winds of Winter, we know Stannis is planning to execute Reek, while, in the GOT Season 5 cliffhanger, Brienne (who is always searching for Sansa) kills Stannis. So, will someone else fill the role of playing Theon’s potential executioner?

Jon Snow Is Alive

Just kidding, the book series has the same cliffhanger as HBO. I guess we will have to face the truth about Jon Snow's fate together Sunday, April 24.

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