18 Instagram Accounts Book Nerds Need to Follow

by Shaun Fitzpatrick

I'm pretty late to the Instagram game. I didn't get my first smart phone until 2014 (I spent most of my college career as a mild luddite), so when I did finally purchase one, I had to spend a while catching up on all of the social media platforms I had missed out on over the years. My far, my favorite platform is Instagram, where I found a wealth of book-themed Instagram accounts to follows.

Where had Instagram been all my life? It’s a platform that is basically designed to show me pictures of two of my three favorite things: food and puppies. Because it’s a platform dedicated to photographs, however, I assumed that meant that there was no place on it for that third favorite: books. Happily, I quickly realized how wrong that assumption was.

There’s actually a thriving community of book lovers on Instagram who want nothing more than to share beautifully posed pictures of their newest editions, artful snaps of their bookshelves (#shelfies!), or peeks at what they’re reading that day. I love scrolling through my feed and, instead of seeing posts from celebrities or that random girl from high school that I follow for some reason, I see a bunch of beautiful books being swooned over by thousands of fellow book nerds!

There’s a huge community of bookgrammers to choose from (and I definitely encourage you to fall down the Instagram rabbit hole and find some for yourself!), but here are 10 of my personal favorites:


If you're a YA fan, you're definitely going to have all kinds of bookshelf envy over these posts. Seriously, is there a YA title that this girl doesn't have? Plus, she has one of the most organized bookshelves I've ever seen. My inner 16-year-old is totally green with envy over this one.


I'm not going to say that the best part of this account is that she occasionally posts pictures of her bearded dragon on top of books. So I'll say that one of the best parts of this account is that she occasionally posts pictures of her bearded dragon on top of books.


Do you like books? Obviously. Do you like coffee? Duh. Do you want to look at pictures of books and coffee all day? Than this is the account for you. Throw in a few beautiful travel pictures, some food shots, and of course a ton of gorgeous book and caffeine pairings and you've got a decent idea of what I wish my life looked like.


This account offers cool editions of classic literature and a bookgrammer's new-found love of Agatha Christie, which I find very endearing.


First, major props for the punny name. Second, this account has a nice balance between the book nerdy (beautiful photos of beautiful books) and the nerdy-nerdy (Doctor Who and Firefly shout outs!). Also, Alexis includes a bunch of pictures of her baby daughter surrounded by books, and it's really freakin' cute.


I'm starting to think that I need to buy a white comforter so my book photographs come out better. Or maybe this account is just giving me YA book photo envy.


Another great account for YA lovers who like pretty bedrooms and color-coded pictures of the latest and greatest YA novels. What I like about this account is that 17-year-old Alexandra actually includes pictures of herself reading some of her favorite novels, a nice change from the hand or socks pictures we normally see from bookgrammers.


Enough with the beautiful bedrooms and perfectly ordered bookshelves full of the newest YA titles! I'm getting a complex!


Besides posting a ton of pretty book pictures (obviously), this account also features photos of Jenn's monthly LitCube Book Box, which I am THIS CLOSE to signing up for after seeing her book treats.


If you're more into classic lit than YA (which, personally, is right up my ally), you'll love the gorgeous editions of your favorite books that are showcased on this account. There's a lot of Victorian literature here, so Jane Austen fans rejoice, but Fitzgerald, Shakespeare, and Nabokov all get their moment in the spotlight.


If I've learned anything from scrolling through bookgrammers on IG, it's that I obviously I need to color-coordinate my bookshelves and get a bunch of adorable book-character figurines. This account has confirmed my suspicion.


If you ever find yourself craving some color on a dark and gloomy day, just head on over to Sarah's IG account. She specializes in vibrant, colorful book posts including color-coded #shelfies and some beautiful staged book shots. Seriously, looking at her posts makes me want to move to whatever colorful, book-filled wonderland Sarah apparently lives in.


Photos of books surrounded by nature, adorable figurines, and a ton of Lord of the Rings posts. Does any of that not sound like something you want to see on your feed?


While any reader who enjoys gorgeous pictures will love this account, fans of Alice in Wonderland will take some extra pleasure in this one. Ursula is a huge Alice fan and incorporates this love into many of her posts, including some gorgeous editions of the book. Also, Ursula wears a lot of cool socks, if you're into that.


As soon as I saw this post of a purse stuffed with books I was like, "Yes. This is my life." Go here for beautiful pictures of classic lit, YA, and contemporary fiction, and also for pictures of her ADORABLE dog alongside books. Seriously, more dogs and books please.


Whenever I need to figure out what to read next I usually just wander aimlessly around the library, which is fun, don't get me wrong. But I can save myself a walk by just checking out Riverhead Books's IG instead. Scrolling through their feed is making me add way too many books to my "to-read" list.


I rarely find a bookgrammer who posts a decent amount of pictures of novels I'm not familiar with, so I'm definitely looking here for inspiration for my next read.


There's a lot of women on this list, but there are male bookgrammers too! This account feeds into a bad habit of mine: if someone is reading a book around me, I'll totally try to sneakily read along with them to figure out what novel it is. And this account includes post after post that let me do just that!

Images: newleafwriter/Instagram