Face Melody Turns Your Selfie Into Music Based On Your Facial Features

You know the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning? OK, it's breakfast. But the second thing I think about is what exciting things the day will bring me — and today, I find out that I finally have a use for all my ridiculous selfies where I look like a potato: A website called Face Melody turns your selfie into music, using a variety of facial features to determine the tune. This is great news for me, since I have about a million selfies laying around from that time I thought I looked good in victory rolls. Silly Megan.

Face Melody is the creation of IPSA, a Japanese skincare company. It measures things like your expression, smile and mouth shape, skin color, and the lightness or darkness of your selfie; then, using these numbers, it generates a unique rhythm and arrangement that is yours and yours alone. All you do is head to Face Melody's website and either upload a selfie or take one directly on your computer. The site will take a moment to analyze the image, before playing your song. I used this selfie, where I'm trying to look effortless while caught off guard despite the fact that I'm taking a picture of myself.

What resulted was a relaxing, meditation-y song with a cool guitar thing playing, plus the most trippiest video accompanying it, with weird shapes and mandala-looking things flying across the screen. I know I sound wacky (guilty!), but just upload your selfie and see for yourself.

It's a pretty cool little toy. What I love about it is that you claim ownership to your own song. Just like every snowflake, every face is unique and special in its own way, and in the most minute of details. My melody will never sound like yours, and yours will never sound like mine. In a world where online, you're often nothing but a number, Face Melody reminds us that we're all special.

Images: Fotolia; Megan Grant/Instagram