Who Is Jennifer Aniston's Hairstylist? She's Been With Him For A Long Time

That hair. It's such a source of envy for me! Jennifer Aniston's hair is shiny and usually flawless. Her locks have always been a topic of conversation surrounding the Friends star. That's because her coif always looks so good and because she is a model of consistency, which is something her PEOPLE Most Beautiful covers indicate. Aniston prefers her locks on the long side, with equally long layers and highlights. Aniston has cut her hair short a few times, but that's a rare move for her. Other times, she'll rock bangs. But the drastic changes are usually temporary. They are either made for a role or for reparative reasons aka "her hair was dead and needed to be chopped to return health."

Since Aniston's strands are an exercise in consistency —no pink or ombre dip-dye jobs here— you have to be wondering whose hands are behind this head o' hair. Who is Jennifer Aniston's hairtsylist?

It's Chris McMillan! The heavily tattooed hairstylist has been with Aniston and her strands from the very beginning. He is responsible for creating that infamous choppy shag known as "The Rachel," which the actor has admitted to hating in hindsight, since it was a difficult 'do and she needed McMillan "attached to my hip" to help her style it.

"The Rachel" was a huge deal join the '90s. It is definitive of the era and it was an oft-copied cut!

His hands have worked magic on those naturally wavy but usually blown straight strands for years. McMillan is also one of her partners in the Living Proof hair care company. The products are pricy, but I use the Thickening Cream on my bangs and the Root Lifting Hairspray for volume at the crown daily.

They have done so many 'dos together! They clearly adore one another.

It's so sweet that Aniston and McMillan are BFFs, too. This friendship goes way beyond cuts and colors. It's personal and profesh! He often hashtags photos of her with "#thanksforalwaysinspiring" and regularly refers to her as his BFF.

Guys, I think we've unearthed where all of the Jennifer Aniston selfies have been hiding. She isn't big on social media, save for that time she took over the Living Proof feed. But she is a regular guest star on McMillan's feed.

Aniston is not the only Hollywood A-lister that enlists the services of McMillan. He is also Kim Kardashian's go-to stylist.

He likes to take credit for his work on his IG feed, understandably so. He was responsible for Kardashian's wedding hair. He also gave her bangs quite a while ago.

Oh, and remember Miley Cyrus' mega chop? It was McMillan who gave her that major punk rock pixie.

The cut was game-changing for Cyrus' career and it was courtesy of McMillan. The chop established the "new" Miley Cyrus.

Clearly, C. McMillan is a follicle magician. His hands have been responsible for some of the most memorable cuts and styles in Hollywood. But he will always be Jennifer Aniston's stylist first and foremost.

Images: Chris McMillan/Instagram (7); Giphy (1)