Jennifer Aniston Makes Instagram Debut, Sharing Her Life (And Hair) On Living Proof's Feed But It's Tragically Temporary

I am about to start a petition! Jennifer Aniston made her Instagram debut on Living Proof's feed, but, alas, it was tragically temporary. Aniston took over the hair care brand's IG page today and well, she was allowed to, since she is a co-owner with her stylist Chris McMillan, who gave her "The Rachel," (which she admits to hating).

The actress posted pictures of her fabulous life and hair in moderation and it just wasn't enough. I wanted her to go nuts and post pics of everything, from her pedi to her closet to the inside of her car, whatever! Instead, she was polite about her volume of posts, which left me wanting more. Much more. Damn you, Jen! You had one job!

Therefore, I am taking this moment to implore the ex-Friend to join IG permanently so I can gawk at her hair. There, I said it.

If you've not yet used Living Proof's offerings, let me assure you that they are primo. While they fall a bit on the pricy side, the Full Thickening Cream and the Full Root Lifting Spray are an immutable part of my morning styling routing, keeping my bangs in shape all day and allowing me to get some volume at the crown.

And I am an admitted Aniston hair stan/web troll/whatever you want to call me. I use photos of her locks as examples when I pop into my stylist's chair. #SorryNotSorry.

While the former Rachel Green didn't post tons of photos of her fabulous strands, she did post a run of pretty-to-look-at stuff. See below.

And when you are done gawking at what she chose to post, don't miss our rundown of the times Rachel Green out-fashioned Jennifer Aniston.

Those perfect waves! That's her natural texture and it's so "I woke up like this." Sorry, Bey!

What a healthy breakfast!

Aniston wuvs her pooches more than people!

OMG! She used a "TBT" and shared a classic hair photo. See, she already has IG etiquette down. How '90s is that floral dress?!

Eggs! I will take mind scrambled, well done, please.

So there is my sneak peek into J. Aniston's life. She has left me jonesing for more.

Images: Living Proof/Instagram (5); Living Proof (2)