Is 'Snow White & The Huntsman' On Netflix? Catch Up On The Fairy Tale Before The Prequel

Maybe it's because I still believe in fairy tales (especially ones with to-die-for queenly fashions and rich female characters), but I am dying to see The Huntsman: Winter's War . This prequel to the 2012 film Snow White & The Huntsman is an uber-chic mash-up of the classic tales of Snow White and The Snow Queen. As Freya the Ice Queen, new addition Emily Blunt squares off against returning star Charlize Theron, who plays the pitiless and vain Ravenna. The battle between these two sisters affects a whole kingdom, and sets up the universe for the events of Snow White & The Huntsman. Since this movie comes before Snow White in the timeline, it's really not necessary to have seen that film first. But completeists like me won't even entertain the thought of going to a new movie in a series without watching or rewatching the others first. Wouldn't it be great if Snow White & The Huntsman were on Netflix?

It sure would, but unfortunately Snow White & The Huntsman is not currently available on Netflix streaming. The movie is a selection in the Netflix mail-order DVD service. So if you pay for that option, you can move Snow White to the top of your list and have the disc in your hot little hand in just a few days. But it's 2016 and who wants to wait for the mail to arrive? There are plenty of other options for fans who want immediate access to Kristen Stewart's foray into folk lore. (Since Winter's War is pre-Snow White's appearance on the scene, the actress doesn't appear in this new release.)

Amazon has Snow White & The Huntsman available for rent ($3.99) or for purchase ($9.99). The retailer has a regular edition and an extended cut, and they're both listed at the same prices. So treat yourself, why don't you? The movie is also up on iTunes; you can buy Snow White there also for $9.99 or rent for $3.99. More concerned with getting in the mood for dueling queens and Chris Hemsworth riding a horse than you are with watching the actual movie? You can stream the gorgeous James Newton Howard score of Snow White & The Huntsman on Spotify. I can guarantee it will make your daily life feel at least 50% more magical and epic.

Still, fans who forgo freshening up on Snow White & The Huntsman or even seeing it for the first time won't be too lost when they show up at the theater to see Winter's War. In an interview with The Today Show, Emily Blunt calls Winter's War "a prequel that veers into a sequel," which is appealingly vague. Hemsworth jumps in to say that this movie will "fill in the blanks" of his character Eric from the first movie. Jessica Chastain also stars in Winter's War; she plays a huntswoman called Sara, who's the lost wife Eric mourns when he talks to Snow White's enchanted form. The development of that relationship may hold extra meaning for fans of the original Huntsman movie, but it won't lead to any confusion for newbies.

If you do choose to watch Snow White & The Huntsman before buying a ticket for its prequel, the internet has plenty of options for you.

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