This New Picture of North West Is Different

The only times that we get to see glimpses of the adorable North West is when Kim Kardashian strategically places a picture of Nori on Instagram that's filtered and posed to perfection. With Kanye West famously taking extra steps to secure his child's safety against the paparazzi, the world has really only seen North through Kardashian and West's eyes. Now, Kim Kardashian and North West have new pictures together, and it wasn't any of Kardashian's doing. Well, kind of.

Kardashian and North were at LAX together, making their way through customs, and getting ready to jet out of the country for Valentine's Day. However, West wasn't with his fiancee and daughter — and North wasn't bundled up, or hidden, or tucked away in a stroller. Kardashian held her daughter, who was smiling, in her arms as she placed her items on a security conveyor belt.

By holding North uncovered and letting paparazzi get a good view, Kardashian showed that she didn't care about who got a shot and who saw her child. It seems like she was just being a mom. Fans are used to the protective nature of Kimye, but this is the first time that Kardashian was seen with North and not just posting a month-to-month picture of her hand, or the side of her face.

And guess what? North is a happy, adorable baby from all angles, even when she's just hangin' at the airport.

Image: Getty Images; Kardashian_Cro/Twitter