The 'TIME' 100 List's Diversity Is Being Praised

When it comes to accolades in entertainment or in the media, there always seems to be more disappointment than excitement when it comes to diversity. Take the 2016 Academy Awards, which was given the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite and started the conversation of what needs to be changed when it comes to acknowledging everyone in the entertainment industry. Well, a certain publication is more than taking that into consideration. The 2016 TIME 100 list is filled with racial diversity and it's something that's definitely not going unnoticed by readers.

Upon scrolling through the full list, which was released Thursday, I felt a wave of pride in seeing how many people of color were recognized in this prestigious list. From Master of None's Aziz Ansari to Quantico 's Priyanka Chopra to rapper Nicki Minaj to Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez to Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda to Empire 's Taraji P. Henson to Mozart in the Jungle's Gael García Bernal, among many, many others, the list is quite impressive.

There are many who agree with me and have taken to Twitter to express how proud they are of TIME for showing that diversity is influential, too. Here's hoping future award shows and honors will start taking notes and follow in TIME's footsteps, because the publication obviously understands that no matter someone's skin color, they can do amazing things in this world, whether that be in film, on television, on the stage, in politics, in the environment, or any area of life. Change, impact, and inspiration can come from anyone.

It says a lot when more than fifty percent of a list like this is made up of people of color. Guess what? Those who are part of the list are just as thrilled to be recognized. I mean, can you blame them? It definitely is an honor.

This is a list I can get behind. Congrats to all of these honorees and to TIME for continuing to diversify.