Jake Johnson’s Prince Tribute Tweet Is Sweet

There is no right or wrong way to mourn someone. And for New Girl 's Jake Johnson, mourning Prince means remembering the singer's utter awesomeness on set. No tears, no sorrow, just a simple celebration of how cool of a guy Prince was while he was here. Not that we didn't already know that, but it's still nice to hear. And, to be quite honest, that is my favorite kind of tribute.

If you're a New Girl fan, you'll recall Prince's epic episode from Season 3, which as a mega fan of the show, I can safely say, it was hands down is one of the series' all time bests. But before I get into just what made the episode as good as it was, I think it's important to note that the first thing Johnson had to say about Prince was his appreciation of his genuine character in real life. For someone as famous and successful as Prince, many of us would assume that he'd be one of those celebrity horror stories and have diva inclinations, or perhaps wouldn't give the cast the time of day, or he'd shut himself up in his dressing room, but the actor assured his followers that was absolutely not the case.

In fact, it appeared Prince had a great rapport with the cast and fit right in, being just as humorous as the comedic cast themselves. In his episode, the roommates find themselves at Prince's house (for a variety of both invited and uninvited reasons) and ultimately, the singer ends up making pancakes for Jess that he vehemently insists she eats.

Naturally, Johnson asked Prince about the whole pancake scenario and tweeted about the artist's cheeky response.

And if that wasn't enough, New Girl fans may feel more endeared to the late star than ever (if that's even possible) when they hear what else Johnson had to say about Prince's unabashed affinity for one couple in particular.

That's right, Prince was a Nick and Jess shipper and the actor's tweet about Prince's adamance over his part in their reconciliation is nothing short of adorable.

Is there anything more refreshing than a legend like Prince fanboying over a fictional couple like the rest of us and really giving his time and attention to the plot of show in which he only had to make a cameo? I'm not sure there is. Johnson's recollection of his time with Prince just proves how much his fun, lighthearted spirit will be missed.