'Saturday Night Live's "Prince Show" Sketch Is A Humorous Way To Remember The Icon — VIDEOS

You know someone is a pop culture icon when they are portrayed on Saturday Night Live. And that can definitely be said for the late Prince, who died on Thursday, April 21 at the age of 57. Fans of the sketch comedy series probably recall all the times Fred Armisen played Prince during his "Prince Show" skits. They were unforgettable, especially with Maya Rudolph playing Beyoncé, Prince's co-host. Re-watching the skits are definitely a fun way to remember Prince.

Armisen portrayed Prince a bunch of times, and the role became one of the 49-year-old comedian's more well-known impressions. For those unaware, "The Prince Show" was a talk show of sorts with "Prince" and "Beyoncé" interviewing celebrity guests, who might've been the host of the night or fellow SNL cast members playing other celebs.

In January 2013, Armisen opened up to Uproxx about playing Prince, being a "huge fan," and even talked about meeting him in 2006, when the singer appeared as the musical guest alongside host Steve Martin. "I’ve been doing a Prince impression since I was in high school… During rehearsals, I sort of called out to him. 'Hey, hi, I do an impression of you. I’m sorry,'" he reflected. "He was like, 'I’m sorry?' and then he gave me a very nice rub on my shoulder. He said something like, 'It’s cool,' and then laughed. It was very cordial. A very brief, nice moment. I was struck at, in person, how 'male' he is. His voice is actually kind of deep."

Armisen also added, "I feel like, for some people, it’s in their DNA to become rock stars. That’s Prince." Isn't that the truth?

With that, let's honor Prince with Armisen and his on-point portrayal of the icon.

Season 30, Episode 8, 2004

This was the "Prince Christmas Special" and it really got into the holiday spirit with help from Robert De Niro.

Season 30, Episode 20, 2005

You know you have a special skit on your hands when Lindsay Lohan shows up as Jessica Simpson.

Season 37, Episode 15, 2012

Now, this isn't "The Prince Show," but Armisen does show up as Prince. I mean, Beyoncé and Jay Z couldn't celebrate the birth of Blue Ivy without him, now could they?

Prince's memory will forever live on, especially on SNL.

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