Donald Trump Slams "Crooked Hillary" With A Series Of Petulant Attacks On Her & The "Women Card"

Donald Trump has remained an outspoken presidential candidate throughout 2016, often criticizing his opponents on both sides of the aisle. His attacks have spanned outside of the political elite; he has called out immigrants, Muslims, women, and many other groups. However, in an upcoming interview with Fox News' Watters' World, the GOP front-runner answered the question on all of our minds: exactly why Trump dislikes Clinton, according to Trump. Sneak preview: Pretty much all of his reasons are sexist.

Although he has been directly competing against Ted Cruz and John Kasich, Trump has spent a lot of his time trying to prove that he would beat Clinton in the general election if she becomes the Democratic nominee. During Trump's interview with Fox News, which will be aired on April 23 at 8 p.m. ET, Watters' World Host Jesse Watters asked Trump about everything from his branding to President Obama.

Fittingly, at one point in the interview, Trump actually admits to not being presidential throughout the election. “I think if I’m too presidential, the 35,000 will turn to about 35 people, okay, and they’ll fall asleep," Trump told Watters. Here are some of the reasons Trump dislikes Clinton — all expressed in unprofessional (read: not presidential) ways:

The Women Card

Watters asked Trump how he would take on Clinton in the general election if they both end up being their party's nominee. Without hesitation, Trump resorted to gender and accused Clinton of playing the "women card":

The only thing she’s got going is the women card. Without the women card, she’s got nothing going and she’s gonna play it to the hilt and I’m gonna be talking about things and one of the things I talk about is, we call her crooked Hillary because she’s a crooked person – she’s always been a crooked person.

"Crooked Hillary"

From "Lyin' Ted Cruz" to "Crooked Hillary," Trump has come up with a number of condescending nicknames for his opponents this election season. Watters tried to figured out how Trump thinks of these nicknames and his branding strategy, and he claimed that the names just come to him based on what he notices about people:

The name came to me; you know the name comes to me about different people… I like branding people if they’re correct. I mean some you can brand, I’ve done a good job on branding some of my opponents and what we just did, but I will tell you, the word crooked Hillary is one hundred percent correct.

Likening Clinton To Obama

It's no secret that the Republican presidential candidates dislike Obama — they dislike him so much that they even disagreed with his turkey pardoning. In the interview with Fox News' Watters' World, Trump likened Clinton to Obama and said that if she becomes president it will be like a third term for Obama:

I think it’s absolutely a third Obama term and that’s the worst thing she’s got. She’s got the woman card which is her best thing except women don’t like her. She’s the worst possible representative a woman can have. But, she’s also got the Obama card and that’s a disaster for her cause four more years of Obama – this country’s gonna be destroyed.

Trump Mansplains Why Clinton Is Not The "Right" Woman

Despite disparaging comments about women and a history of sexist remarks, Trump has claimed that he has "tremendous respect" for women. Women, except Clinton, who Trump apparently thinks is flawed, at least that's what he told Watters in their Fox News interview:

She is a person who’s got many, many flaws. She’s a woman, but yet women don’t like her which is really sort of interesting. I mean she is a woman, but she’s not liked by women. So, I think we’re gonna do very well with Hillary and I think the polls are starting to show it already.

Note to self: Never trust anyone who uses the third-person.