The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Will Feature A Musical & It Needs To Include These Pivotal Moments From The Original Show

Get ready for the performance of a lifetime, because a Stars Hollow musical is happening. According to Sutton Foster, who is starring in the Gilmore Girls revival, the musical will be an overview of the history of the town, so I can only imagine that it will include all of the pivotal stories about Stars Hollow that fans remember well. Foster, for her part, has revealed she will play a struggling actress in the revival, who is in town to star in the musical. I’m sure there will be stuff that dates back before the Gilmore girls were making a name for themselves on the streets of Stars Hollow, but I’m hoping that the musical also pays homage to some of the show’s most memorable moments.

I mean, what is a history of Stars Hollow without the epic moments that made all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls so memorable? And how would you celebrate a town that gave birth to so many storylines without honoring them in one or two epic musical numbers? You couldn’t. So the Stars Hollow musical needs to feature these very important moments in Gilmore Girls history. It wouldn’t be the story of this illustrious town without these unforgettable moments in them.

1. Rory And Jess

You might think that the musical would want to highlight Rory and Dean, since they were the first dream couple, but all of that tension between Rory and Jess could make for some very exciting theatrical moments. Think West Side Story without the murder.

2. Lorelai And Luke

Remember when the town had a meeting about whether Luke and Lorelai should be allowed to date just in case they broke up? Clearly this event made major town history and should absolutely be featured in the musical.

3. When Lorelai Moved To Town

I’m secretly hoping that is where the musical starts, and that Lorelai played by Sutton Foster, and that she sings a stunning opening number about being misunderstood her whole life like Belle in Beauty and the Beast, because WOULDN’T THAT BE AMAZING?

4. Kirk And All Of His Jobs

Can he just randomly show up in every time scene like he did on the show for seven seasons?

5. When The Independence Inn Burned Down

This would make a wonderfully dramatic moment just before intermission. Raging fires! Emergency vehicles responding! The town looking on aghast! And then… blackout.

6. A Town Meeting

What would the history of Stars Hollow be without some sort of town meeting? I’m hoping for lots of them scattered throughout the entire performance.

7. That Damn Corn Maze

And how it took over the entire town. This would be a great opportunity to break the fourth wall and really get the audience involved.

8. Luke Finding Out He Was A Father

Clearly he’s the hero of this story, so this huge moment in his life should absolutely be featured.

9. Rory Graduating From Yale

The entire town came out for the event IRL, so it’s only right that this moment play some part in the play. Maybe toward the end and featuring some huge group musical number that blows the roof off Miss Patty’s and leaves everyone on their feet? I vote yes.

Honestly, how could you tell the story of Stars Hollow without these epic moments? It wouldn’t be an accurate portrayal of this town without them.

Image: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy (9)