Finally, Some Good News for Simon Cowell

As Ryan Seacrest would say: This... is... the announcement of Simon Cowell's new baby. Just one week after Cowell was dealt a bundle of bad news — X Factor was canceled after three seasons — the former American Idol judge was dealt a bundle of joy. On Friday, Valentine's Day, Cowell welcomed a baby boy with Lauren Silverman.

The birth comes after a bevy of controversy — back in July, media confirmed that Cowell was expecting his first child with Silverman, who was married at the time the baby was conceived. (Since then, Silverman has divorced her husband, Andrew Silverman.)

Few details are known about Cowell's baby at this time, including the name of the baby boy. Back in November, the X Factor judge opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about Silverman's pregnancy, telling the talk show host on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he was hoping his future child would be named for him. As the notoriously cocky reality star told the comedienne, "It's my number one choice ... That's my favorite name."

Turns out, it was a good thing X Factor was canceled — Cowell's going to have to put aside plenty of time to change diapers and purchase miniature black t-shirts for his newborn boy.

Image: Getty Images