Should You Have A Graduation Party? 7 Reasons Why They're Totally Overrated

Graduation is such an exciting time. But you know what seems exciting and is usually a total letdown? The graduation party. Should you have a graduation party? It's a "rite of passage" that is constantly reinforced on TV and in movies, and it is supposed to be the greatest party you will ever have, because it marks the end of your days as a carefree kid, and the start of responsibility and real life struggles. But, having one is definitely not for everybody.

This is merely a party to celebrate your accomplishments as a dedicated student, and however you choose to celebrate it — with or without your entire graduating class — it's still just a party. And it's certainly not the best party you will ever throw in your life, because partying as an adult, especially once you start making money, is way more fun.

If you are looking to spend one last night with all of your classmates going nuts, then by all means do so. Just go into the night with realistic expectations. And if you don't feel like throwing a grad party like, at all, then just know you won't be missing out on anything all that spectacular. Here are all the reasons graduation parties are usually overrated.

1. You don't care about most of the people attending

Even if you're still in the mindset of quantity over quality in terms of friendships, you still won't be heartbroken if you never see most of these people ever again. Ultimately, these are just people whose names you may or may not know. The length of the guest list doesn't matter as much as which names end up on it.

2. This won't be the last time you see your BFFs

Grad parties are all about goodbyes, right? Well, you still have an entire summer ahead of you before you head off to college, or start your new full-time job, so you'll still see them as often as you'd like. Your favorite people will be your priority, and parties with just them are way more fun.

3. Your family should come first, TBH

You probably have relatives in town just to celebrate your success as a dedicated student. So spending an hour or two with them and then running off to get sloppy with classmates you don't even like makes zero sense. The older you get, the more you'll understand the value of family time. Why not start now?

4. Watching '90s graduation movies is way more fun

I don't remember much about my graduation party other than paying way too much attention to my crush's every move, and sweating through my neon halter top. But I remember everything about every sleepover I had with my besties, watching '90s teen movies (all of which seem to have iconic prom and graduation scenes). This is where the fun is, right here.

5. You're about to become insanely sleep deprived

If I could go back in time, I would do two things: avoid tanning beds, and sleep way more often. Whether you're heading into college life with endless studying, or into the real world with 80-hour work weeks making very little money, you're about to be sooo tired, Boo. Sleep now, and sleep as much as you can. You'll miss your precious Zs with every year you get older.

6. They're expensive


Huge parties are expensive. You know what else is expensive? Living by yourself, in the real world, with an entry-level job (or no job at all). Save the money you would spend on a party for something you'll actually need down the road.

7. Mentally, you've already moved on

Once you get through the actual graduation ceremony, your mind has already shifted to what's next for you — and that goes way beyond your plans for that night. You're thinking about the summer ahead, the big next chapter of your life that's about to begin, and how you're going to tackle any obstacles, head-on. So why stay stuck in the past at a grad party you don't even care about having when you can be focusing on all the amazing stuff that's yet to come? Exactly.

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