11 Hair Mists Inspired By Summer For The Perfect Seasonal 'Do — PHOTOS

Since getting a taste of that midsummer weather on the East coast, I've been daydreaming endlessly about the warmer months approaching. One of the things I always look forward to is summer beauty trends. That's why hair mists inspired by summertime, like sea salt sprays, are my absolute favorite thing in the world. Besides their texturizing and softening properties, the summery smells they give off evoke all kinds of fond memories. There's just nothing that can uplift my mood more than the smell of sea salt, coconuts, and citrus fruits.

All the scents that we associate with summer are ideal to surround ourselves with on the daily. That's why I love using my summery hair mists all year round. My favorite product, LUSH's Sea Spray Hair Mist, refreshes and gives life to my locks between washes. But its quaint sea salt and citrus notes are even more powerful than the beauty-based benefits (at least in my opinion). It takes me back to sun-drenched pavements, to tall glasses of ice cold lemonade, and to the soothing sound of ocean waves rising and falling on the exfoliating sand.

For all you hardcore lovers of summer, for those who want to transition their beauty routines toward more season-inspired products, and for those who simply want an extra dose of sweet-scented volume and shine, here are some of the most deliciously-scented hair mists on the market right now.

1. Back To Basics

Rockaway Salt Spray, $25, randco.com

Now's a good time to invest in some sea salt spray for the perfect beach-inspired textured look. Plus, this one's got balm mint and sage for color protection, strengthening, and an all-around fresh scent.

2. Citrus

Sea Spray Hair Mist, $13.95, lushusa.com

The orange, grapefruit, and neroli in this product elevate it from sea salt hair mist to the perfect pick me up for your mane on duller days in between washes.

3. A Touch Of Shimmer

Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray, $28, captainblankenship.com

This all-natural sea salt hair spray is infused with gold mica to add a healthy dose of shimmer to your moisturized and textured tresses. The rose geranium and palmarosa essential oils in the mist will make you feel like you're walking through a rosy sea breeze at all times.

4. All Day Freshness

Valchemy Lab Empress No.22 Hair Essence Mist, $59, urbanoutfitters.com

This floral mist infused with lavender, jasmine, and rose will quickly become your go-to hair product. The scent is absolutely otherworldly, and will cling to your tresses all day. Trust me: You'll be tempted to skip a wash to retain all the deliciousness.

5. UV Protection

Clean Original Hair Shine Mist, $24, beauty.com

This spray not only helps hair appear smoother and more hydrated (thanks to CottonVantage, a cotton seed-derived technology), but protects hair from any UV damage the sun might deliver this summer. It's also chockfull of delicious scents like grapefruit and lavender, with base notes of sandalwood and white musk.

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6. Tropical Waves

The Gnarly Whale Beach Waves Hairspray in Mango, $16, urbanoutfitters.com

Add some tropical wave to your locks this summer with mango-scented hair mist formulated with moisturizing and texturizing aloe vera gel, coconut oil, and sea salt.

7. Soft As Satin

Philosophy Amazing Grace Perfumed Hair and Body Oil Spray, $27, lordandtaylor.com

Achieve soft hair with a satin finish with this sunflower and olive oil-based hair mist. This clean fragranced mist is a multitasker, and great for moisturizing your skin, too.

8. Finishing Spray With A Rosy Twist

Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose Finishing Spray, $20, ulta.com

Add a rosy scent to your everyday styling routine with this scented volumizing and finishing spray.

9. Multitasking Protector

Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume, $70, barneys.com

This powerful multitasker moisturizes, reduces static, adds shine, and protects your precious tresses from the sun. It also uses citrus extracts to eliminate odor and completely freshen funky hair.

10. Fruity Texture

Shea Moisture Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Weightless Texture Spray, $10.99, ulta.com

Give your tresses a little hydrating texture with this mist's coconut water foundation. This nourishing texture spray will leave your hair smelling fruity, courtesy of its dragon fruit, lychee, and green apple scents.

11. For All The Shiny-Haired Mermaids

Mermaid Hair Shine Spray, $32, urbanoutfitters.com

Channel your inner mermaid with this summer-scented mist (it's got citrus and coconut in it) that does wonders in restoring softness, shine, and elasticity to your long and lovely locks.

Gear up for warm w with some of these delicious-smelling products, and create your own summer hair as you patiently await the season's change.

Images: Courtesy Brands