2016 Hair Trends Compared To 2015 Hair Trends

Recently, it seems there has been a boom in experimental hairstyles. We're no longer playing it safe with popular 'dos adopted by our entire generation (like '90s crimped hair) and 2016 hair trends appear to be continuing down the contemporary route. Instead of looking solely to celebrities to dictate the most fashionable hairstyles – as we did before the days of the internet – we now have many more style influencers at our disposal, such as our favorite YouTube stars and popular beauty Instagrammers.

One of the greatest things about the Internet is that people can discover role models or other folks who are similar to themselves. It's so wonderful to happen across a blogger who has a similar outlook on life as you, or a YouTuber who is passionate about the same things. IMO, this is why there's such a vast array of different hair trends for us to pick and choose from. We are no longer limited to asking our hairdressers for "The Rachel" or feeling pressured by society to wear a certain hairstyle, even if it goes totally against our natural hair or our unique identity. In terms of hair and beauty trends, we are now spoilt for choice.

If you're contemplating a new 'do, here's how this year's current (and predicted) hair trends weigh up against some of last year's most popular hair trends. So you can find your perfect style based on your favorite 2015 hair trends.

1. 2015 Ombre – 2016 Bronde & Balayage

Rob Kim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ombre was a game changer that allowed the wearer to grow out their hair and return to their natural roots, or play with some fantastic colors. However ombre is old hat in the hair world and bronde and balayage are stepping in to steal the show. Blake Lively showcased her bronde locks back in summer 2015 and took the beauty world by storm, however bronde seems to have taken its time to trickle down to the masses. According to Glamour, bronde is here to stay for 2016, so be prepared to see folks rocking this blonde and brunette combo.

It appears that ombre's subtle sister balayage isn't going anywhere either. Fellow Bustler Lindsey Rose Black caught up with hairstylist and Eufora educator Mirza Batanovic and Dana Hodges a Eufora national trainer and stylist, backstage at NYFW's Katie Ermilio show. Batanovic, who was the lead stylist for the show, told Black, "Embrace it. This is always going to be a trend."

2. 2015 Mermaid Hair – 2016 Loose Waves

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Immaculate, wavy mermaid hair was all the rage in 2015 but a more relaxed style is set to take its place this year. Black reported that Hodges believes, "...more cohesive brushed out wave patterns to be super on trend." This is a relief for long haired gals who prefer to lead a more low maintenance life; they could curl their hair one day, then brush it out the next for a super laid back look.

3. Long Locks To Buzzcuts

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

According to Glamour, buzzcuts are back for spring/summer 2016 as they were seen at the Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Versace shows. Sadly, western society associates long hair with femininity and IMO, this perception needs to be smashed and replaced with other types of femininity and beauty. Thus the edgy buzzcut is a welcome relief in the sea of long manes and it might hopefully make a difference to what constitutes "femininity."

4. 2015 Granny Grays – 2016 Subtle Pinks


Last year was all about the granny chic hairstyles and colors ranged from ash silver to matte gray. This year we have already witnessed Zayn Malik and Kylie Jenner rocking pink hair. Plus, pink hair has also been spotted on the catwalks, model Fernanda Ly's candy floss mane got her noticed on the Louis Vuitton runway in 2015 and she stood out from the crowd yet again in Louis Vuitton's spring/summer 2016 show at Paris Fashion Week.

5. 2015 Daenerys Targaryen Braids – 2016 Tight Plaits


In 2015 everyone fell head over heels for dragon mom Daenerys Targaryen's beautiful braids. Daenerys' plaits were usually paired with loose curls; giving her hairstyle a bohemian vibe. According to Vogue, braids are still in for spring/summer 2016, however they have a much more structured feel. L'Oréal Professionnel hairstylist Delphine Courteille told Vogue, "A staple for this season, braids were seen on pretty much every runway, as they complement anything. For Summer 2016, aim for a clean finish without any wayward hairs and style locks around it in a loose manner as seen at Louis Vuitton, or as a headband like Vanessa Seward.”

6. 2015 Light Pastels – 2016 "Murky" Pastels

Pretty pastels are no longer being used for full head shades, but don't worry you can still rock your favorite pastel hue in a more subtle way. Celebrity hairstylist Nick Arrojo spoke with Bustler Emily McClure about pastel shades for 2016. Arrojo told McClure, "Think of a neutral ash-brown base highlighted with bits of soft pastel creating an effect that is grungy, muted, and muddy, as if all those bright shades have been blended and blurred together." It sounds equally beautiful to me!

7. 2015 Rainbow Hair – 2016 Rainbow Underlights

Of course we can't all be Katy Perry in that H&M holiday ad, flaunting the most beautiful My Little Pony style rainbow hair, because unfortunately many of us have jobs which dictate we need to wear "sensible" hair colors. According to lifestyle writer Linds Foley, writing for MTV, you can wear the underlights trend for work or school. Foley said, "...the underlights trend basically involves you splitting your hair into two clear layers. While you leave the top layer your natural colour, you dye the underlayer any color of the rainbow you fancy."

Pick your favorite trend from 2015 and try the 2016 evolution to stay ahead of the crowd this year!