When Will 'Lucifer' Return For Season 2? Check Out These 7 Devilishly Good Shows In The Meantime

Finale season is upon us once again and with that comes the depressing realization that many months stand between us and our favorite shows, which are gearing up to go on summer hiatus. And while many fans can take a small semblance of comfort in knowing that this goodbye is only temporary, that still doesn't make the waiting game for their return any less frustrating. Take Fox's freshman series, Lucifer , for example. The network just recently renewed the devilishly good series for a second season (thank God... or, you know, the other guy), but as for when exactly Lucifer Season 2 will premiere, that question has yet to be answered.

What usually happens in cases like these is that the network will stick with the pattern that has worked for the show in the past. So if Season 1's Jan. 25 debut is any indicator, Season 2 will premiere around that same time in late January 2017. Of course, if the schedule doesn't permit it, then the dates and times could for the show could end up being changed, but as now this is the best tentative prediction that we can offer until FOX announces an official air date. But that doesn't mean there aren't a few other wickedly addictive shows out there that you can obsessive over in the meantime. You may have a long wait ahead of you as far as Lucifer is concerned, but missing out on these shows would be an outright sin.

American Horror Story: Coven


Honestly, pretty much any season of this horror anthology would do, but if you're looking to narrow your search down to a specific season then Coven has just the thing to keep your demons at bay... or rather have them run wild. Not only does it center around witches, but there's even a devil-like character in the form of Papa Legba that I think you'll find particularly appealing.



A man struggling with the sins of his past? Something tells me he and Lucifer would have a lot to talk about if they ever come face-to-face. Perhaps marathoning your way through this will even inspire you to create a fanfic crossover episode. If Arrow can do it, why not Lucifer?

Scream Queens


I mean, the main villain is wearing a red devil costume. What more could you ask for?

Pretty Little Liars


Secrets. Lies. Murder. Red hoods. Creepy masks. This show has everything you need to tap into that dark side of yours and delve headfirst into a truly addictive mystery. Seriously, you'll be neck deep in so many theories, the time between now and January will go by in the blink of an eye.



Full of suspense and a brilliant twist you won't see coming, Scream will leave you on the edge of your seat and dying for more.

Penny Dreadful


If human killers just aren't enough for you, allow this Showtime series to take you into the dark depths of the supernatural realm. Werewolves, vampires, witches — this show has it all and is guaranteed to give you nightmares for weeks to come.



Because, honestly, what's more intriguing than a serial killer with a moral code?

So even though Lucifer may be gone (for now), at least we have these devilishly good shows to keep us company in the meantime. Let the marathon of horror begin!

Images: Michael Courtney/FOX; Giphy (7)