12 Tumblrs Every Book Nerd Should Follow

If you're a book-obsessed social media user, odds are you have a Tumblr account — one that's probably filled with bookshelfies, fan art, fan-fiction, book theories, pictures of adorable animals with novels, quotes from your favorite YA series, and your favorite authors' Tumblr posts. Maybe a Tom Hiddleston gif or two, as well, just for good measure. Whether you run your own awesome blog or just reblog all the pretty things (like myself), you know Tumblr is a great place for bookworms. If you're looking to follow some new authors or book accounts, you've come to the right place.

I searched far and wide to find some of the best and current bookish Tumblrs out there, but it's never fun to follow a new blog only to find they've been inactive for years already. These blogs are up-to-date and all positively unique in a bunch of different ways. From great book reviews to inspiring quotes, writing prompts to bookstore events, grammar blogs to shelfie sites, and even a Tumblr Book Club to join, each and every one of these Tumblrs has something for everyone.

So get to scrolling and spending the rest of your evening laughing, reading, and enjoying these 12 awesome bookish Tumblrs:

1. The Literary Snob

The Literary Snob is a traveling book addict, and she posts some of the cutest, funniest, and most fantastic bookish content your little heart could ever desire. On top of being a frequent book reviewer, this is an must-follow for any and every book lover.

2. Pretty Books

This Tumblr is all about pretty books, but the blogger also has excellent book reviews, recommendations, and a whole section dedicated to the best book illustrations you can find. I followed this Tumblr the instant I found it.

3. Bookshelf Porn

This one is pretty self explanatory. Wanna see a bunch of beautiful bookshelves? You're welcome.

4. Reblog Book Club

I've been part of a few book clubs in my time, and while I love them, they tend to sometimes fall apart due to life happenstances, or sometimes they just aren't a good fit. If you've also run into those problems, consider checking out Reblog Book Club, where you can join in or out whenever you'd like and feel no pressure to bring homemade cookies to the next meeting.

5. English Major Humor

For anyone and everything with an English, writing, or literature degree, you'll be eternally grateful for following this blog. Full of hilarious book jokes, great grammar corrections, and so much more, it's honestly great for anyone who is a major book nerd.

6. Sophias Books

This elementary school teacher posts cute photos of her bookshelf and quotes. Books, books, and more books make up this blog, so it's obviously a win-win for you.

7. Writing Prompts

For the book lover and the writer, the blog Writing Prompts offers up unique and intriguing ideas to write or think about. If you're a writer constantly in search for something new to write about, or just warm up with, this is a great blog to keep close by. And even if you aren't into writing, it's still pretty fun to think about how awesome some of these crazy ideas could turn into novels.

8. The Book Ferret

Love books? Love animals? The owner of this blog owns two absolutely adorable ferrets who love to cuddle while she's reading, and thankfully for us, she shares these pictures. She also reblogs a ton of great pictures of books, people reading with their pets, and other adorableness.

9. Better Book Titles

Ever felt like a book needs a better, more accurate title? This blog is dedicated to taking some of the best and well-known books and sharing re-titled, and often hilarious, editions of these books. The Great Gatsby? More like The Crazy Ex-Boyfriend.

10. Books Wrote My Story

With frequently updated and great book reviews (mostly YA), awesome photography shots of her favorite books, and a growing recommendations list (again, mostly YA) this is the blog for every young adult fan out there.

11. Turning Pages

Turning Pages is another fantastic Tumblr for book reviews, but not only that. She posts reviews of book-to-movie adaptations, posts every type of book quote you'd ever want, and it's all organized so you can find whatever you want, when you want. Plus, she posts a lot of adorable fangirl content, so I'd get to following this blog ASAP.

12. Strand Books

While there are a ton of indie bookstores to follow on Tumblr, Strand Books is a requirement, especially if you live in NYC. They post about awesome celebrities coming to visit, new books on the shelves, or when they happen to be reading out in Central Park. Oh, and they'll keep you up to date if an author is coming to visit, which is pretty dang important.

Images: The Literary Snob, Pretty Books, Bookshelf Porn, Reblog Book Club, English Major Humor, Sophias Books, Writing Prompts, The Book Ferret, Better Book Titles, Books Wrote My Story, Turning Pages, Strand Books/Tumblr