'Gilmore Girls' Life & Death Brigade Is Back & Their Reunion Could Mean Exciting Things For The Revival — PHOTO

It’s finally happening: The Life and Death Brigade is back in Stars Hollow, and they are looking better than ever. In a picture posted to Instagram on Monday, Tanc Sade and his Life and Death Brigade cohorts appeared in the first picture since Gilmore Girls ended in 2007. And featured in the photo are some of Gilmore’s finest men: Matt Czuchry, Alan, Loayza, Tanc Sade, and Nick Holmes. These four made up the original core members of the Life and Death Brigade, the secret society that Rory Gilmore joined during her time at Yale, but could the fact that they are all back together — and all apparently still on the Gilmore Girls revival set — mean that there are exciting things in store for them in the revival?

It has to mean something. Especially since all four of them together could mean big things for Logan, Rory, and Stars Hollow. But just because they’re posting pictures on Instagram doesn’t mean that they’re still filming scenes as a group. It’s possible that this picture was taken a while ago and only recently uploaded to Instagram.

But I prefer to take my Gilmore Girls revival gossip with a healthy dose of optimism, so I’m going to assume that this is a recent picture. And if it is a recent picture, that could mean big things for these guys in the revival. Because there have been multiple months of Tanc Sade posting pictures from the Gilmore Girls revival set. If he and his Life and Death Brigade buddies have been on the set and filming all this time, that means they’re getting plenty of airtime in the revival.

Gone are the days of these four just being side characters that get into way too much trouble. This picture could mean that these boys play a bigger part in the revival than anyone realized. But even if it doesn’t — even if this is just an old picture that Sade took on the one or two days he was actually on set — I’m not going to complain about it. Because seeing these guys in all of their troublemaking glory after almost ten years is well worth the hype.

Plus, it has to be said: They sure do make Yale look good.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures