When Will Fifth Harmony's '7/27' Be Released? The Anticipated Album's Been Pushed Back

Hey, fellow Harmonizers? Open up your top desk drawer, rummage around for that crusty bottle of Wite-Out, and give the bottle a good shake, because we have a major calendar alteration to deal with: Contrary to the original plan, Fifth Harmony's sophomore record will not be out on May 20. Last Friday, the "Work From Home" quintet announced via Twitter video that the release date for 7/27 has been pushed back to May 27.

Why the sudden switcheroo? What prompted this change? Here is a hint: The second season of The X Factor USA . Here is another hint: Multiply three by nine. Oh, and here is one more hint for ya: The title of 5H's to-be-released album.

“So the number 27, as you guys have probably already figured out, is quite important to us, it means a lot of different things,” Lauren Jauregui explained in the Twitvid. “And so to keep cohesive with the theme of 27, we decided to push to one week to the 27th. So you’re going to get it on the 27th … It’s gonna be a theme, the 27th, trust us, we love you, and you’re gonna love it. One week will be nothing, I promise.”

You're right, Lauren. In the grand scheme of things, seven days isn't that long. And every time I start to feel a pang of restlessness, I will remind myself that we're so lucky that the group didn't go all in on the theme and push it back to July 27.

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But if and when I feel really impatient? I'll just watch the "Work From Home" music video on repeat. There's just something about that 5H construction site dance party that always soothes my soul.