5H's "Work From Home" Music Video Really Nails It

Just when I thought I was going to spend my Friday morning doing a load of laundry, one of my favorite pop groups went and released a banger of a new jam. "Sorry, pile of unwashed shirts and socks," I whispered into my hamper, "but I have to go watch a music video one billion times in a row. And yes, the music video does require my full attention. I'll get to y'all eventually." The music video that prompted me to throw my chores to the wind? “Work From Home” by Fifth Harmony featuring Ty Dolla $ign, doye. The vid for the crazy-catchy Ammo-produced track, which is the first single off of 5H's to-be-released sophomore album, was directed by Director X, aka the auteur who just cannot stop bringing the music video heat. The "Work From Home" vid is no exception.

In the vid, Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Lauren Jauregui, Camila Cabello, and Dinah Jane Hansen dance, sing, and strut all over a construction site. The Timberland-clad ladies of Fifth Harmony are not the only people making what may or may not be a replica of Cher Horowitz's foyer; Ty Dolla $ign joins the "Worth It" quintet to deliver his guest verse, and a bevy of glistening, occasionally shirtless dudes happen to be milling about the construction site, too.

So, who's in charge of this construction site? Who is running the show? Uh, 5H. No doubt about it. Want to know how I reached that conclusion? Well, here are just some of the moments from the "Work From Home" music video that prove 5H are total bo$$es:

1. The Moment When Camila Is Like, "Yeah, This Shovel Is As Tall As I Am. So What?"

Camila is not about to be intimidated by giant tools (har har har har).

2. The Moment When Camila Is Like, "Step Aside, Tank Top. Let Me Show You How To Pour Cement."

And no, that isn't a weird euphemism.

3. The Moment When Normani Is Like, "If I Want To Turn This Backhoe Into A Dance Floor, That Is Exactly What I Will Do."

And that is exactly what she does.

4. The Moment When Ally Is Like, "Hey, Hunk. JK NVM."

Sorry, hunk, but there is too much work to get done.

5. The Moment When Lauren Is Like, "Scoot Over & Watch A Pro, Bro."

No really, scoot. I'd hate for the blowtorch to accidentally scorch your bicep.

6. The Moment When Dinah Is Like, "Take Notes, Tape Measure & Blueprint N00B."

I must say, I am a big fan of a silver hard hat.

7. The Moment When Ty Dolla $ign Is Like, "Don't Mind Me Or This Clever Nod To Another 5H Jam."

If you could've felt my heartbeat when I saw that sledgehammer, it would've hit you like a sledgehammer.

8. The Moment When 5H Is Like, "OK, Time For A Dance Break."


9. The Moment When 5H Is Like, "We Can Take As Many Dance Breaks As We Want Because We Run This Ship."


10. The Moment When 5H Is Like, "Seriously, Don't Try To Get In The Way Of Our Construction Site Dance Breaks."

...Especially when they're squashing invisible bugs with the heels of their work boots.

11. The Moment When 5H Is Like, "Any Questions Before We Call It A Day?"

Nope. No questions. You five rule all, that's all there is to it.

Dare I say, this music video really... nailed it.

Images: FifthHarmonyVEVO/YouTube (12); Kristie Rohwedder/Bustle (11)