Jodie Sweetin Battled 'Dancing With The Stars' Injuries For Her Best Dance Of The Season

Full House and Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin had a rough go of it on this week’s Dancing With The Stars . She and partner Keo Motsepe got their assignment for “Famous Dances” week — the dance from singer Pink’s “Try” music video. It’s an intense contemporary dance that tells the story of a couple that’s on the outs, and even though Jodie and Keo eventually had their best dance of the season so far, Jodie battled a myriad of injuries to get there.

The dance for “Try” is very, very physical. It involves a lot of lifts, a lot of balance work, and even some throwing your dance partner against and on top of furniture — yeah, it’s pretty intense. But Jodie was totally down for it…. And then she got completely elbowed in the face by Keo during practice. She ran off the floor as blood streamed down her face, but a little ice and a lot of screaming and she showed up for practice the next day — there was only a little black eye for her troubles. You’d think that was it for the week, right? Nope. Next, Keo and Jodie were working on the balances for the dance, and Jodie’s ankle and foot went right from underneath her. She thought she broke it, but luckily, it’s just a mere stress fracture (which I think everyone has on the show at this point), and Jodie went on to absolutely destroy the dance with Keo. It was by far their best showing of the season.

Jodie’s dedication is amazing on Dancing With The Stars — when she hurt her ankle, she kept saying that she didn’t want it to be over for her. Jodie is so determined to win the contest that she’s playing hurt, which is better than I think I could say. I have a hangnail and can’t go to the gym. Jodie is so admirable, and I hope she goes far in this competition. Mirrorball trophy, look out! Jodie and Keo are coming for you.

Images: Adam Taylor/ABC