What The '90s Girl Power Icon You Wanted To Be Says About You

The '90s weren't necessarily about feminism the way things are today, but there was still a lot of female empowerment going on. Back then we called it "Girl Power," and it had a lot to do with women claiming their sexuality, having fun, and kicking absolute ass. Yes, there definitely was a lot of ass kicking. Girl Power icons of the '90s were all around us in pop culture, from movies and television to the music we listened to, and the one you favored most probably said a lot about you — and maybe continues to say a lot about you today.

Obviously the Girl Power icon you favored in the '90s doesn't say everything about you, because Girl Power and feminism are advocate dynamism and choice. But your favorite Girl Power gal says something about you, which is the takeaway here. Awesome women of the '90s were prolific, so you might even have had a handful of faves, which is totally fine. The more ladies in the club, the merrier. So it's time to start remembering the '90s women who made you feel tough and confident, and to think of yourself as just as awesomely strong as they were. Here's what your '90s Girl Power icon says about you.

1. The Spice Girls

The Spice Girls commercialized "Girl Power," so if they were your favorite, you were probably a teeny bopper of sorts. You love pop music, have a huge personality, and aren't afraid to tell people exactly what you're thinking whenever you're thinking it.

2. Buffy Summers

You wish vampires are real so you could fight them, don't you? Your dream is to karate kick bad guys, and you're a sassafras with a comeback to everything. You're also always hopeful, and fiercely independent, like your Girl Power idol.

3. Xena: Warrior Princess

You're empathetic but tough, and always looking out for those around you who can't look out for themselves. You also think Hollywood needs to start making more female-driven superhero movies, stat.

4. Salt N Pepa

It's likely you're a Nicki Minaj or Beyoncé fan now, but that you're deeply connected to the heyday of feminist hip hop. You rail against double standards, are sexy as hell, and like to do femininity your own way, without restrictive patriarchal rules.

5. Riot Grrrls

You went deep on feminism in the '90s, and continue to now. You love alternative lifestyles and have a serious acceptance of other people, and love experimenting with music and style to upend culture. You're probably also the most fun ever to go out on the town with.

6. Kat Stratford

You're dark and brooding and have a strong handle on literature, especially feminist literature. You know the best way to never be wrong is to know everything, and only speak when you're right. You also probably have trouble finding a partner who isn't entirely intimidated by you, but when you do, you know it's going to be Heath Ledger. I mean, the best.

7. Daria Morgendorffer

You might be Aubrey Plaza. If you're not, you hate a lot of stuff, but in a really cool way that makes people both intimidated by you and envious of you. You literally have zero f**ks to give about what anyone else thinks, and you excel in your own ways.

8. Lil Kim

You've got your own money, but expect to be treated like nothing less than a queen by your lovers. And you will have as many lovers as you want, and they will come when you call, and you are very much in control of your finances and your love life.

9. Christina Aguilera


You love reinventing yourself, but every time you do you're still a powerful woman. You surround yourself with other powerful women and believe in body positivity, personal confidence, and kindness.

10. Hermione Granger

You're a smart lady, and no one can pull the wool over your eyes. People might underestimate you from time to time because of your femaleness, but you will always come pulling punches when you need to, and then no one will question your smarts and capabilities again.

11. Samantha Jones


You are independent, fierce, and completely sexual. You don't mind the odd shopping spree, either. Extra points if your puns are as fabulously dirty as Sam's.

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