13 Cities That Need A 'Real Housewives' Show

I don't know about you, but I just cannot get enough of the Real Housewives franchise. I wish I could watch a different series every night of the week. And Bravo sure is getting close to making that happen since Real Housewives of Potomac and Real Housewives of Dallas have been recently added. With that said, I think the network should keep the momentum going and add even more new shows. There are so many cities that would be a great part of the Real Housewives franchise. I would love it if there were so many different Real Housewives cities that Bravo has to make its own sister network exclusively for Real Housewives shows.

Picking the city is just as important as picking the cast. The ideal city serves as more than back drop; the place becomes integral to the story lines and has so much character that it almost serves as an additional cast member. Even though all the Real Housewives shows have the same formula — five to seven wealthy women who aren't afraid of confrontation — every single city has something unique to bring to the table, so why not add more of them to the mix? Here's some suggestions.

1. Greenwich, Connecticut

Greenwich would be a perfect setting for Real Housewives. It is a wealthy city and is close enough to New York for some weekend trip episodes. I picture some cat fights at a country club polo match and a lot of arguments about carrying yourself with class.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada

The Real Housewives have been to Las Vegas plenty of times and each time it was pretty crazy. I would love to have a whole season of casino hopping, partying, and day drinking by the pool.

3. Denver, Colorado

I feel like Denver could bring us a more active group of Housewives and bring the fighting to different settings like ski resorts or bike trails. The city could give a combination of some outdoorsy fun, but also some great wealth that is used to fund those hobbies.

4. Nashville, Tennessee

I am a sucker for an accent. I would love watching a bunch of ladies from Nashville, Tennessee. And I'm sure that at least one or two women in the cast would be aspiring country singers. And we all know any aspiring entertainers always make great TV for this franchise.

5. New Orleans, Louisiana

There is such a history in New Orleans — and some legendary party spots. I would love to see some Real Housewives living it up during Mardi Gras and getting spooked on ghost tours.

6. Boston, Massachusetts

I can easily picture Housewives arguing in between bites of lobster rolls and getting into it at the luxury box at a Red Sox game. There is so much to see in Boston from the schools to the sports to the food, that I'm sure the women would be able to provide plenty of entertainment.

7. St. Louis, Missouri

Andy Cohen is from St. Louis so it is only logical for one of the Real Housewives shows to rep his home state! In fact, I'm surprised that it has not happened already. Meghan Edmonds could even make some cameo appearances since she and her husband Jim Edmonds spend half their time there. That would be a perfect way to introduce the series and make it relevant to the franchise.

8. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a great city with even better pizza. Also, there aren't many reality shows that take place in Chicago, so it would really be an untapped market. It really seems like the people of Chicago have a great sense of pride, so it would be fun to see some Housewives taking part in some city traditions like watching the Chicago Bulls or celebrating St. Patrick's Day when the Chicago river is dyed green.

9. Honolulu, Hawaii

The vacation episodes of Real Housewives are always the craziest, so I can't even imagine what it would be like to film an entire series in a popular travel destination. There'd be lots of beach side dramatics on this one and I could only imagine some strife between women from Hawaii and more recent residents — similar to "she isn't even from Potomac" being an insult on RHOP.

10. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh would be able to provide the perfect combination of that small town sensibility with a big city feel. Pittsburgh is a city with a lot of pride, especially when it comes to their sports teams. I imagine it bringing out a lot of fiery personalities — and maybe an heiress to Heinz ketchup.

11. Jackson, Mississippi

I just cannot get enough of reality TV shows set in the south. Jackson could be a great city for the franchise with its history of producing stars in blues music and great cooking. I'm sure that at least one of these women would have some tie to that blues history or be an aspiring blues singer since there is usually one person in each cast with some musical interest.

12. Washington, D.C.

I know this has been done before, but I think that Bravo should do it again with a whole new cast. DC is a great city with diversity that is much needed in the Real Housewives franchise. And we all know that cost of living is pretty high there, so I'm sure the ladies would be pretty rich.

13. Miami

And I know that this was already done, too, but Miami is a great city so it's a shame that the series is stuck in a stalemate. Bravo can make a new series with all new ladies or just keep one or two of the interesting ones. Miami is just too great to leave out of the mix.

I am hoping that there will be some new Real Housewives shows popping up in cities around the country — and that Andy Cohen sees this list and takes my suggestions seriously!

Images: RealityTVGIFs/Tumblr (13)