'GG's Revival Might Include A Heartbreaking Scene

Brace yourselves, Gilmore Girls fans, because this Gilmore Girls revival has the potential to get really emotional. I mean, we’ve known from the start that the show would have to acknowledge star Edward Herrmann’s death. As one of the lead actors and the only original cast member to not return to the series, it would have been impossible for Amy Sherman-Palladino to write a revival without dealing with the fact that the man who made Richard Gilmore so wonderfully endearing died in 2014 after a long battle with brain cancer. But on Monday, it was suggested that the cast would be filming Richard Gilmore’s funeral for the revival, and the news could mean that emotions will be running high in the Gilmore Girls revival.

Even though fans of the show have known for some time now that the Gilmore Girls revival would deal in some way with Richard’s death — in February, an exclusive TV Line interview with Kelly Bishop revealed that Emily Gilmore would be wrestling with her husband’s unexpected death in the four-episode revival — it wasn’t clear just how much the show would go into Richard’s death. But on Monday, Kristi Carlson, the author of Eat Like a Gilmore, a cookbook of recipes inspired by the show we all know and love, posted to Instagram that the cast would be filming Richard Gilmore’s funeral on Tuesday. And while no confirmation has come from Netflix or from the show’s creators, Carlson is definitely someone in the know. With this news, it could be very much possible that she knows about what’s going down in the revival.

In addition to Carlson's announcements, behind-the-scenes pictures from Tuesday's location shoot popped up on Twitter that could seriously suggest Richard's funeral will be shot for the revival. In the images, a hearse with Connecticut plates is parked in a cemetery with a crowd of funeral-goers in all black in the distance. In another picture, an enormous boom can be seen raised above the scene being shot.

It's too soon to tell whether Richard's funeral would be featured in present time or as a flashback in the revival, but if the Gilmore Girls revival does include it, I think we all can count on some pretty heartbreaking moments in these four episodes. Considering the fact that both Lauren Graham and Bishop were extremely close with Herrmann in real life, I can only imagine how emotional a potential funeral scene for the character he played would be for the two of them. And for everyone on the cast, really, because Herrmann was an incredibly talented actor. So much so that he, and the character he played, still seem larger than life.

So get the tissues ready. This revival is shaping up to be an emotional one.

Image: Warner Bros. Television