Kanye Rants Again, Now About Interracial Dating

In not so surprising news, Kanye West has been ranting up a storm lately — and this past Saturday was no exception. At a concert in Newark's Prudential Center, West took a moment between songs to call out media outlets, from TMZ to Barbara Walters, for daring to write about him in an unflattering way. High on his own momentum, he ultimately insisted that the source of their mockery is unease at his relationship with Kim Kardashian: "You try to make me look like a maniac or an animal, because you're afraid of interracial relationships."

"And this ain't no motherfuckin' spoof. So play this back when you're writing your jokes," he implored Lorne Michaels and the writers at SNL, who have also poked fun at West several times.

However, as TMZ pointed out in their coverage, maybe it's his often bombastic statements — like, y'know, insisting that he has within him the faces of Miles Davis, Prince, and Missy Elliott, as he did just before all this — that have so many media outlets poking fun at the self-proclaimed Yeezus. And he's been making those since long before he met his fiancée.

See the full video below:

Image: Getty Images