PHOTOS: Simon Cowell Is A Proud Papa

Whoa, guys. You know Simon Cowell, right? The cocky British American Idol and X Factor judge with a mean, harsh reputation and stinging remarks? Regularly seen wearing black t-shirts, aviators, and a scowling stare? Well, his newborn son has shockingly reduced him to a cooing pile of mushy love. Either someone hacked Cowell's Twitter account, or he's seamlessly taken to parenthood and will forever be changed by the birth of his child. Cowell welcomed a baby boy on Friday, Valentine's Day, with girlfriend Lauren Silverman. Cowell and Silverman named their son Eric Selig Phillip.

Cowell explained on Twitter that Eric was named after his late father, who passed away in 1999. He also posted three sweet photos of baby Eric during his first day home on Sunday. In one shot, Cowell is holding Eric while Silverman lovingly looks on. In another, only Eric's face and Cowell's hands holding him are seen. And in the one that makes you really go "Awwwww," Cowell is seen smiling and cuddling Eric on his chest.

Cowell is totally going to turn into that dad with an endless supply of wallet-sized photos in his back pocket, tons of baby videos on his iPhone, and a constant Eric stream on his Facebook. But that's ok, because these pictures are seriously adorable.

Simon tweeted:

Image: Getty Images