This Potential 'PLL' Hint Is Major

By Kaitlin Reilly

For years, Pretty Little Liars fans has suspected Wren Kingston of being the show's ultimate bad guy. After all, prior to the "Charlotte DiLaurentis is Big A" reveal, Wren was one of our top suspects for A — so much so that a false Reddit "spoiler" posted before the Season 6A finale stated that he would be revealed to be A in the series. But, though we know now that Wren is not Big A, does that mean he's officially off of our radar as a big bad in the show? Not a chance. Though actor Julian Morris has not appeared in Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars, he's still high on our suspect list for the new Big Bad, nicknamed Uber A — especially now that Dr. Rollins, Ali's husband, was revealed to have a secret English accent, just like Wren. Could Wren be connected to the Uber A mystery, or perhaps Uber A himself? Morris' new Instagram photo suggests Wren could be Uber A, and it's the most jaw-dropping clue we've received prior to Season 7.

Season 6B of Pretty Little Liars introduced us to a wild new element of the show: hyper-realistic masks. In the finale, Dr. Rollins wears a mask of Detective Wilden to freak Ali out, and given the fact that the mask is so realistic it pushes Ali to the brink, I doubt the A team is going to stop using these masks any time soon. That's why this Instagram of Morris getting his own mask made should sound alarm bells in any Pretty Little Liars fans head:

There's also this Instagram picture, which shows a more complete photo:

Technically, we don't know if this mask has anything to do with Pretty Little Liars — it could easily be for another role entirely — but Morris' caption "unmasked" certainly hints it is. Fans will recognize the word as a throwback to the Season 2 finale, aka the episode where Mona was revealed to be the original A. If we're assuming that this is a PLL reference (and seriously, it better be) it suggests at least one major thing: that Wren may return to the series. Though the hyper-realistic masks exist in the Pretty Little Liars universe, they don't exist in actual life. The actor who played Detective Wilden, Bryce Johnson, came back to portray "himself" (or, rather, Dr. Rollins in a Detective Wilden mask) for Season 6. That means that if someone is wearing a Wren mask, then Morris will most likely make an appearance on the series in real life as well.

However, the more exciting scenario is that Wren/Morris will be wearing the mask. If Morris is getting a mold made so that Wren can take off the latex mask of someone else, that could mean that Wren is also the final member of the Uber A team. Could Wren have been the one hiding in plain sight this entire time? Here's hoping that many fans' original theories were correct.

Image: Freeform