Why A Wren Mask Could Be Important On 'PLL'

By Kaitlin Reilly

Pretty Little Liars fans may have gotten their wish of a Wren reunion. Actor Julian Morris' cryptic Instagram photo hints that not only is this guy returning to Pretty Little Liars, but that his potential return could be a very, very big deal. Morris just posted an Instagram photo that shows him getting fitted for a mask, much like the masks that we saw in the Season 6 finale of Pretty Little Liars. On the show, latex masks were used by Dr. Rollins and seemingly by Uber A to impersonate other characters, so the fact that Morris may have been fitted for one definitely speaks to what Wren could be doing in Season 6. The mold suggests that someone is wearing a Wren mask, and if Wren isn't A.D., it could mean the Wren mask is being used for something else entirely.

Though the skeptic in me wonders if this mold is being made so that Morris can wear a mask of someone else's face (they would need a mold to make sure that the mask of another actor properly fits Morris, right?), there's also the very real chance that when Wren returns to Pretty Little Liars, it will be in physical form only. For example, take Dr. Rollins' posing as Detective Wilden: actor Bryce Johnson did return to Pretty Little Liars to reprise the role, but Detective Wilden was still very much dead in the PLL universe. Johnson was essentially playing Dr. Rollins in a mask, not the actual Detective Wilden.

That's because the "mask" that Dr. Rollins wore wasn't the hyper-realistic one that exists within the show (because, uh, those aren't real), and therefore the actor needed to appear onscreen to make the "mask" seem realistic. The very same thing could happen with Morris: yes, technically Morris will appear on the show, but Wren, the character, could not.

If the mask is truly for Pretty Little Liars, it could mean that whoever is wearing the mask wants to use Wren's likeness to get what he or she wants. Dr. Rollins could use the mask to tease information out of Melissa. Perhaps she knows more than she let on about Charlotte's murder, and Dr. Rollins wants to find out exactly what that was. Or, perhaps someone wants to make it look like Wren committed a crime that someone else — like, say, the real Uber A — committed. Being able to wear someone else's face certainly makes it easier to pull off even the most risky of crimes.

Then there's a darker possibility, one that would certainly make Uber A the most dangerous A of them all. Whoever is wearing Wren's face could also be the one who killed him, and wants to make sure that their crime is covered up. Perhaps someone killed Wren after he discovered the Uber A plan, and now wants to assume his identity so that no one suspects that murder. It might sound crazy, but it's actually quite in line with the theme of the show: remember how "Alison's" body was really Bethany's?

Whatever happens, at least we'll finally get our answer about how the heck Wren fits into this whole mystery. We've waited way too long to finally condemn or clear our biggest A suspect.

Images: Freeform; prettylittleliars/Tumblr