"Boycott Beyoncé" Tour Merchandise Is Perfect

After Beyoncé released her much talked about video for "Formation," the Miami Police union said that they were going to boycott Beyoncé's Formation tour, claiming that the "Formation" video pushes anti-police agenda. Since Beyoncé is Beyoncé, she did not care one bit about their little boycott, and decided to steer into the skid and embrace the haters by creating "Boycott Beyoncé" merchandise for her Formation Tour.

Fans who attended the opening show on her Formation world tour in Miami on Wednesday night began sharing snaps on Twitter of the snarky "Boycott Beyoncé" merchandise, including a t-shirt and an iPhone case.

It turns out that the boycott threat from the Miami police union was futile, because there are police in attendance at Beyoncé's show in Miami. According to Miami Police Department spokesman Officer Ernest Lawrence, the concert "will be fully staffed." I would be curious to know if any of the police on duty will purchase a "Boycott Beyoncé" t-shirt, although I imagine the Miami police union was somewhat placated when Beyoncé made it very clear in an interview with Elle that she is not anti-police, but rather anti-police brutality. Who can argue with that?

Haters are always going to hate, but Beyoncé will definitely have the last laugh when she earns hundreds of thousands of dollars from "Boycott Beyoncé" merchandise sales.

Twitter is loving the "Boycott Beyoncé" merchandise.

Bow down to the Queen, everyone.