You Have To See These Videos From Beyoncé's Tour

The only downside I have found to being a Beyoncé fan: Literally everyone is a Beyoncé fan. So it makes total sense that when her Formation World Tour tickets went on sale earlier this year, they sold out immediately, making it impossible for me (and many others) to score entrance into what is sure to be a religious experience for everyone who loves her and her music. On Wednesday night, the tour officially began in Miami, and by all accounts, it sounds like it was an amazing night. And now that it's over, there's no better way to celebrate the beginning of the Lemonade era than by watching videos of Beyoncé's formation tour — whether you're getting excited to see the show for yourself or sad you didn't get tickets.

The set list is the perfect mix of brand new songs and old classics, from the opening song, "Formation," to the very last song of the night, "Halo." Whether you've been a part of the Beyhive from the beginning or have only started listening to her recently, it sounds like there's something for everyone on this tour — even a performance of Destiny's Child's "Survivor." What more could you ask for?!

And whether you're prepping to see her yourself this summer or you're crying at your desk like me because your show is completely sold out, these videos should have you covered.


This is definitely one of my favorite songs on Lemonade, and I'm not surprised at all that Beyoncé kills it as part of her tour opening.

"Flawless"/"Feelin' Myself"

Seriously, what two songs go better together?!

"Crazy In Love"

That outfit. That voice!


It's only appropriate that it is the first song of the night is "Formation," right?

"All Night"

If you needed proof of Beyoncé's talent, here it is.

It's official: I'm running away to join the Formation World Tour. Anyone wanna come with?