Where Can You Buy Kylie Jenner Denim & Bling Sinful Colors Nail Polishes? They Will Be Available Here

Kylie x Sinful Colors, we hardly knew ye! Kylie Jenner's Denim & Bling Sinful Colors nail polish collection lands on May 1, but it's a bit of a bittersweet collection. It's the makeup mogul's third and final Sinful Colors collabo, according to a note Bustle received from the brand's PR team. The super affordable polishes —they are $2.99 a pop!— boast denim matte textures with holographic glitters that add just the right amount of sparkle. The new hues are the perfect execution of street meets chic. The extensive collection reflects Jenner's patented, urban glam style. Where can you buy Jenner's Denim & Bling Sinful Colors nail polishes?

Denim & Bling will be available exclusively at Walgreens on Sunday, May 1. Head on over to the drugstore for some Sunday Funday shopping. The polishes are so inexpensive and on trend that there is no way you can just nab one! It's totally OK to buy three or four, if your personal budget allows. These babies don't break the bank and you can create endless, custom looks with multiple shades.

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Seriously! Check out the promo shot below. Jenner is wearing four shades across two hands. Her mismatched digits are incredible. See, you can create cheap 'n' chic nail art.

The colors were designed for mixing and matching and the holographic glitters are kaleidoscopic and kool!

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In a press release, Jenner said, "The denim on denim trend is so cool and easy. We did your typical denims from dark to acid wash, and threw in a retro red denim too. Then to complement the shades, we added the 'bling!' We created four holographic glitters and also did two duo- chrome shades that are so hot. The light to dark denim blues are perfect for a cool and easy denim ombre, which we did with Kargo, Kobalt and Kustom Fit."

Blueberry Hot Rod, $3, Sinful Colors

This shade makes me want to rush to my salon for a pedi, even though I just got one earlier this week.

Denim is such an amazing source of polish inspo, isn't it?! You usually shop for jeans according to fit and wash. Now, you can shop for nail polish according to "wash," at least for this collection.

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Denim & Bling follows Jenner x Sinful Colors' King Kylie collection and the Trend Matters range. The collabo was fun while it lasted. But all good things come to an end, including celeb-branded makeup ranges.

Jenner is working on developing her own Kylie Cosmetics range with other products. Her Kylie Lip Kits remain elusive, so this mass-level collabo was a good way to let her younger fans with limited income copy her look and style!

Images: Courtesy Sinful Colors (4); Amy Sciarretto (1)