Beyoncé's Fans Kill The "Single Ladies" Dance

Leave it to Queen Bey to make two fans' dreams come true and to put them on the map with their amazing dance skills. During the opening night of her Formation World Tour in Miami Wednesday, Beyoncé brought two fans on stage and danced to "Single Ladies" with them. Not only is it exciting enough to see the very first show of her tour, but then to actually be asked to come on stage and dance right next to one of the most talented singer's of today? I can't even imagine.

As you can watch below, the two women clearly knew what they were doing when it came to the ever-so-popular "Single Ladies" dance. I don't know about you, but I probably would have been way too nervous to go on stage, let alone bust out dance moves, all while standing literally right next to Beyoncé. Well, they didn't have that problem — at all.

These women are beyond impressive. They are so good that they could easily be Bey's backup dancers. You know Beyoncé respected them and was in awe when she backed up and let them have their moment. She also cheered them on, like they truly deserved. For just being picked randomly, the performance is pretty flawless.

Hmm... I wonder if Beyoncé has found some new backup dancers for either her tour or her next video. Maybe she should start hosting open casting calls? That may or may not cause chaos, but, hey, if two of Bey's fans are this talented, imagine who else is out there with some mind-blowing dance skills.

Now, be prepared to be impressed.

If you think that's fantastic, watch this one.

As Beyoncé said, "Go, girls!"