The New CEO Of 'Empire' Was Named

Ever since Mimi Whitman's tragic demise, the board has been trying to appoint a new CEO of Empire and thanks to Wednesday night's episode "More Than Kin," it looks as though they've finally made their decision of which person should run the company... or should I say persons? After seeing how well they worked together at the bipolar disorder event, the board members in charge of naming a new leader revealed that they want Cookie and Lucious to become co-CEOs of Empire, given they are the original co-founders and make for such a dynamic duo.

They accepted the decision, though it was clear right away that Lucious was secretly livid about the whole thing. The thought of someone else having such a profound amount of control over his company (which will now be equally split between the two of them) is a notion that doesn't sit well for the former king of the music jungle. So it's only a matter of time before he tries to undermine Cookie's power, but quite honestly it would be the worst move he could make. Cookie is the only thing that's been keeping Empire together as of late. She's smart. She's ambitious. And everything she touches becomes a success. It'd be foolish of Lucious to undermine her capabilities.

Plus, I just really love the idea of these two being on equal footing at long last. Cookie spent 17 year in prison for the benefit of Lucious and the company. Now it's her turn to reap the rewards of her labors and get what she's rightfully earned. So Lucious just needs to put aside his ego and let their combine teamwork and efforts make Empire truly spectacular. It's time to learn how to share that spotlight once and for all.

Image: Chuck Hodes/FOX