Iggy Azalea Exposes Nick Young's Tattoo Fail & The Whole Thing Is Pretty Embarassing

In today's episode of Things That Should Probably Be Left For Private Conversation And Not Public Consumption, Iggy Azalea called out fiancé Nick Young's embarrassing tattoo fail after he derided her Twitter rant about how she feels "Becky" is a derogatory term for white people. The rapper, who recently announced on the radio that she would cut off Young's penis if any additional cheating allegations surfaced, wasted no time in exposing Young's potential tattoo mishap, revealing that she once saved him from getting some misspelled ink — calling out the potential tattoo error immediately after the NBA player referred to her as "Becky" on Twitter. And yes, the whole thing is as messy, complicated, and convoluted as it sounds. Let's break it down.

Here's the deal: Iggy Azalea tweeted that the term "Becky" is an offensive and stereotypical term for white women in a series of tweets that can be summed up here. Young, who is black, did not agree with his fiancée's commentary and publicly called her out on it, asking her "what the hell" she was talking about and tweeting, "I love my Becky but she be trippin." Azalea, of course, did not exactly approve and proceeded to inform all of her followers of the time that Young spelled his own tattoo wrong:

For his part, Young claimed that the "Becky" tweet was hacked (OK) and conceded his loss to Iggy Iggs:

While the whole exchange seems fairly innocent and like some old-fashioned, good-natured ribbing, I cannot help but have severe secondhand embarrassment for a couple who chooses to air their dirty laundry so publicly like this — especially since it's all still in the wake of Young's video fiasco and Azalea's subsequent no-holds-barred, NSFW comments. (For the record, according to Bleacher Report, Young told reporters after video leaked that was filmed by his teammate D'Angelo Russell that allegedly showed Young talking about cheating on Azalea, "I think it’s best me and D’Angelo handle our situation in a private manner. It’s something we need to talk about.)

For Azalea's own fiancé to so openly "WTF" her — and call her the name she was ranting about in the first place — it's public proof that the two might have issues that they need to work out. Particularly because he's still in the doghouse with Azalea. Maybe talk to the woman you're going to marry offline, you know? Shoot her a text or talk to her on the phone and explain your reasoning; don't call her out on a public platform. And the same goes for Azalea, too. For her knee-jerk reaction to be to one-up her fiancé in such a public way just shows a desire to get him back that will not serve anyone well in an actual marriage.

Based on a petty Twitter war like this, it's beyond clear that this couple needs to figure out a better way to communicate before they tie the knot — and it should probably not be on Twitter.