11 Young Adult Novels Every Gryffindor Needs To Read

One of my favorite things about YA lit is that it’s so full of adventure — and no one knows adventure like those who belong to the House of Gryffindor. The YA genre is perfect for those who sport red and gold, because these books usually feature plot lines that sum up life as a Gryffindor: they’re adventurous, sometimes rule-breaking, and overall a ton of fun. After all, the majority of the Harry Potter main characters were Gryffindors, and though there were main characters from all houses, it’s clear that YA is a genre perfectly suited to follow daring protagonists. That's why we're bringing you the 10 young adult novels every Gryffindor should read.

It takes a lot of nerve and a little chivalry to be a YA protagonist, especially one in an adventurous story. And if you’re a real-life Gryffindor, you probably gravitate towards these types of books because they feature plot lines you sadly can’t live out in real life — such as time travel, meeting mysterious creatures, or setting off on an adventure to a fantasy world with a rag-tag group of friends. But hey, your book club can be that adventure with your rag-tag friends. And just because you can’t time travel in real life doesn’t mean you can’t travel through the pages of a book. So get ready for an adventure and pick up one of the following YA books for a thrill worthy of any daring Gryffindor.

1. The Girl From Everywhere By Heidi Heilig

Nix's father can sail anywhere — real or imaginary — as long as he has a map. But when he sets out to find an map of 1868 Honolulu to bring him back to Nix's mother, Nix gets caught up in an unexpected — and dangerous — adventure. The idea of sailing into the past or into fictional worlds is pretty much any adventurer's dream come true, so I can say with certainty that this one is the perfect pick for Gryffindors.

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2. Revenge And The Wild By Michelle Modesto

In this genre-bending fantasy western, protagonist Westie has lost her family — and her arm — to cannibals while on the wagon trail. And now, nine years later, she's out for revenge. This book seriously has a bit of everything: there are vampires, werewolves, leprechauns, and more. The thrill-seeking Gryffindor will be sure to enjoy.

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3. Unhooked By Lisa Maxwell

In this Peter Pan retelling, protagonist Gwendolyn Allistair has lived life on the run, because her mother is convinced that they're being hunted by monsters. At first Gwen thinks there's no validity to her mother's fears — until both Gwen and her best friend Olivia are kidnapped and taken to Neverland. The swashbuckling Peter Pan is the perfect story for Gryffindors, and this retelling amps up the adventure all the way to 11.

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4. A Tyranny of Petticoats: 15 Stories Of Belles, Bank Robbers & Other Badass Girls By Jessica Spotswood

This collection of stories from YA authors like Marie Lu, Elizabeth Wein, and Marissa Meyer is perfect for daring Gryffindors. From historical fiction to fantasy, there's a little bit of everything in the anthology, and if you're an on-the-go Gryffindor, this is a great book to read a little bit at a time.

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5. Don't Get Caught By Kurt Dinan

Max is a fairly average guy, until he gets an invite to the mysterious Chaos Club. When the invite turns into a setup, Max bands together with a group of misfits in a very John-Hughes-y way to wage a prank war on the club. Fred and George would be so proud.

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6. An Ember In The Ashes By Sabaa Tahir

Set in a world inspired by ancient Rome, this fantasy follows Laia, a slave, and Elias, a soldier. Laia becomes a spy for a group of rebels who promise to rescue her brother, and Elias plans to desert his post — until their stories converge. This is a great read for Gryffindors who value nerve and chivalry.

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7. Heist Society By Ally Carter

Katarina Bishop wanted to leave the family (con) business, but she keeps getting pulled back in. This time, though, the stakes are high: someone has stolen a mob member's art collection, and Katarina's father is the prime suspect. The only way to clear her father's name? Steal the paintings back. This clever heist book is great for Gryffindors who love adventure, guts, and art.

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8. Six Of Crows By Leigh Bardugo

Kaz is a criminal mastermind in the fantasy city of Ketterdam, but his latest heist is too big to pull off alone. So he recruits a team to help. For Gryffindors who love adventure, heists, and unexpected relationships, this is the perfect read.

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9. The Fixer By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Tess Kendrick is the new girl at Hardwicke Academy in D.C., school for children of the elite, and soon finds herself covering up conspiracies and fixing everyone's problems. But as she tries to solve problems, things get more complicated in her own life. This one's a must-read for Gryffindors who are also fans of the TV shows Scandal and Veronica Mars.

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10. The Walls Around Us By Nova Ren Suma

Violet is a dancer on the verge of success. Amber is an inmate at the Aurora Hills juvenile detention center. Linking their worlds is Orianna, a ballerina convicted of a terrible crime, who is headed to the detention center. This Black-swan-ish supernatural YA thriller is perfect for Gryffindors looking for an adventure that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

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11. Ready Player One By Ernest Cline

It's 2044, and everyone is plugged into the OASIS, a virtual utopia — including protagonist Wade Watts. He's spent his life searching for an easter egg hidden by the utopia's creator, a man obsessed with pop culture. After finding a telling clue, Wade finds himself on an amazing adventure truly worthy of any Gryffindor.

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