Alert: This 'Rogue One' Spoiler Is HUGE

by Emily Lackey

ALERT: During an interview on Sky News Wednesday, Mads Mikkelsen took to spilling some pretty big Stars Wars: Rogue One spoilers, and trust me when I say, they could totally change everything. Like, what Mikkelsen revealed is the most information anyone has yet revealed about the Star Wars prequel. With not even a cast list out for the world to pick apart and try to decipher, there is very little to go on these days if you want the details on Star Wars: Rogue One. But, when Mikkelsen said rather unpredictably during his Sky News interview that he is playing Jyn Erso’s father, an audible gasp could be heard coming from Star Wars fans around the world. Because this reveal could mean big things for Rogue One. With so much attention being paid to who Felicity Jones plays in the prequel — and whether or not she’s related to Rey from The Force Awakens — this information promises some serious potential family drama in Rogue One.

I personally am delighted to hear that Mikkelsen spilled the beans on Rogue One on Wednesday morning, especially since there is barely any information out there about the movie. While everyone behind-the-scenes has been keeping entirely mum on the hotly-anticipated movie, I’m delighted to know that there is at least one actor willing to spill the beans. Although it didn’t look like Mikkelsen was doing it intentionally. After saying that he wasn’t allowed to say anything about his part in the interview, he went on to say a lot: “I read the script. It was very beautiful and Felicity’s playing this lovely, strong woman [and] I play her father,” he said to Sky News exclusively. And when the crew in the studio gasped audibly, he got quiet. “That was too much,” he said. “I’m sorry.”

Come on, Mikkelsen! Everyone knows that the first rule of starring in a Star Wars movie is that you don’t talk about the Star Wars movie.

Of course, this means huge things for the film: In a franchise already inundated with rumors that Jyn Erso is somehow related to Episode VII 's Rey, whose parentage is still unknown, and also that whole Luke/Leia thing from the original films... well, family drama is no stranger to Star Wars movies, and Mikkelsen playing a character's dad likely means we're going to see more of that drama come into play when Rogue One hits theaters. It really wouldn't be a Star Wars movie without it.

Unfortunately, we'll be waiting a while — Rogue One doesn't hit theaters until Dec. 16, 2016. In the meantime, can someone line up some more interviews for this guy ASAP? ‘Cause clearly he’s willing to talk.

Image: Walt Disney Pictures; LucasFilm