There Could Be More Bad Luck For April & Jackson

Raise your hand if you’re hoping that April and Jackson are going to get some semblance of a happy ending on Grey’s Anatomy. (I hope you all raised your hands). It’s been a rough go for this couple, what with the death of their son, a divorce, and an unexpected pregnancy. April was hesitant to get their current baby tested for the birth defect that killed their son, but Arizona and Jackson cajoled her into a sonogram, and boy, was it scary for a moment there. Luckily, April and Jackson’s baby is doing just fine on Grey’s Anatomy .

During the sonogram, Arizona was counting fingers and toes and everything seemed to be great — the baby looked fine — and then she noticed something that could have been wrong with its brain, and she did that thing where she “thinks with her eyes but smiles at the same time,” as April put so eloquently. April kind of flipped out on Arizona for missing something in regards to her baby’s health, and Arizona ran every test possible again and everything is actually quite all right. April and Jackson’s baby is cooking just fine, but Arizona opted to remove herself from the case as there are too many conflicts for her. Right now, she’s their doctor, and she just wants to be their friend. Fair enough.

April and Jackson’s baby is safe for now, but I don’t feel like they’ll get their happy ending just yet. Do they deserve it? Absolutely. But will Shonda Rhimes let them ride off into the sunset together? Not yet. What I’m hoping for, personally, is that the baby is safe and healthy and then April and Jackson fall back in love while raising it, like a courtship in reverse. Maybe they’ll have two babies and the babies can Parent Trap them into falling back in love. I can dream about it, okay? Either way, I don’t know if April and Jackson will couple up just yet.

Images: Richard Cartwright/ABC; Giphy